Sunday 7 August 2022


 Today's garden happy is something pretty.  After the two very hot days, I thought it had died, it was all bedraggled and the flowers were all dead but it's picked up again beautifully.

Good morning, everyone.  Guess what!  The sun is shining this morning.  Such a surprise (not).  It feels lovely and fresh outside at the moment.

Yesterday was great.  I got all the washing and ironing done, prepped for the dinner and had time to get to grips with the Tunisian crochet.  I am pretty sure I am following the instructions but it's a bit on the slant.  Not a problem, I can pin it and steam press, but it makes me wonder if I am doing it correctly.  I might ask Diana again - she's going to be fed up with my queries!!

Dinner was lovely with H and J.  I set up my rickety old table in the garden (MUST look for something more stable) and it all worked really well with no access issues whatsoever.  We ate and chatted until it started getting dark (and a bit chilly).  Being seriously health compromised, J and H are both being extremely careful; so are not entering other homes at the moment but appropriately distances garden meet-ups work fine for them.
I must do this a bit more often.

Today there's nothing in the diary.  A bit of me says I 'ought' to go swimming but a much bigger part tells me to make the most of a gentle day and have a good old self indulgence session.  Guess which is winning!!

The proper yarn for the blanket has arrived and I need to decide whether to start straight in on that once I've finished the practise one or whether to do something different first.  I think I might have a go at the pattern for socks for a small child that Jen sent me, using some of my stash (what else???) of sock yarn in the cupboard.
Also there's reading, telly, generally lounging about, doing the hip mobility exercises Lindsey sent over (which I think have really helped) and working at doing not-a-lot.  I have a face mask (don't laugh) that I might try too.
But first - another coffee, I think.  After all, why not?

Have a lovely Sunday, everyone, and take care, whatever your plans are.  xx


  1. Good to see that things have perked up again . Sounds like you had a great time and I'll bet the wonky table just made the meal more memorable .
    Oh how I wish I could knit on 4 needles maybe that wii be my winter challenge . Can you recommend a video that might help me ? Hope you've enjoyed your Sunday

    1. I'll take a look and see. YouTube usually has something. xx

  2. A lovely geranium. I really like the colour. I can't seem to keep stitches on four needles. Guess I need to work on that.

    God bless.

    1. It is pretty, isn't it?
      I think the needle thing comes with a bit of practise. It didn't take me all that long to pick it up really. xx