Wednesday 11 March 2020


Good morning to you and we have sun.  There cheers!  Actually, we also had sun yesterday afternoon; you were completely correct, Sue.  A shame I did some washing yesterday and draped it all over the drying rack.

So yesterday passed as usual.  Slimming World, then home for a while, then off for a tuition session and then home again for the evening.

Look what arrived!

A few weeks ago, I saw this ex-shop window mannequin display thingy that had more or less my dimensions (apart from the waist which I don't have so much of due to flabby skin, sadly) and was really, really cheap.  I had been umming and ahing about getting one of those adjustable body form things but they are very expensive for anything of a half decent quality and I don't know if I would actually get on with one so this felt like a half way thing to get.  It's foam, covered with a fabric so one can pin things into it and it will be good for adjusting pattern pieces.  It's also very light.

I tried my two recent makes on it and apart from the waist, it all fitted nicely so I think I have a useful bit of kit there.

I just have to work on my waist!!

I think I need a name for it/her.  Any ideas?

Today there's a few things going on.
It's all quiet until nearly twelve when I'm off to Lindsey's for personal training so I will do some housework and the ironing from yesterday's washing.
Then, in the evening, it is governors' meeting.  I've downloaded the paperwork and need to re-read it all before I set out.

Have a good day; wishing you sunshine and spring warmth.  xx


  1. I have the adjustable type but have only used it one time. But still I am glad I have it. I have a top cut out and it think it will come in handy when I actually sew it together. Well while you are having Sunny days we here in Sunny California, USA are having rain, rain, and more rain.

    1. How did you get on with it? Was it helpful?
      Looking forward to seeing your top when it's done.
      I'm sure the weather will pick up soon.

  2. Well, the mannequin in the film of the same name is called Emmy but I do think yours is more of a Flora for some reason.

  3. I think its a Mildred as quite austere looking, good to use.

  4. Indeed we had some sunshine. The mannequin is good. I don't sew, but if i had room i'd have one in my bedroom and drape over outfits, but yours of course is more purposeful.

  5. Daisy sprung to my mind. A useful item for sure. Your recent makes look very nice displayed on it.

  6. I like all those names. I will have to have a good old ponder.
    Thanks, all.

  7. Your clothes look fabulous on that new mannequin. How exciting!