Sunday 22 March 2020


Morning, everyone.  This is even more stupidly early than usual.  I knew when I went early to bed that it would happen but maybe not quite as early as this and I was falling asleep anyway.  Too many thoughts buzzing around in my head, I think.  Hopefully sleep will return in an hour or so.

After realising I was getting a bit low on things like washing up liquid and hair shampoo and conditioner (definitely first world issues), I popped round to Morrisons yesterday and got them.  There wasn't a full shelf there but enough and I just got what I needed.  At half eight on a Saturday morning, Morrisons is usually deserted but not yesterday.  I wouldn't say it was teeming but it was definitely busier than usual and almost all the checkouts were open.
It was nice to walk out in the fresh air - and boy, was it fresh yesterday!  Quite a stiff breeze at times and chilly, despite the bright sun.

I got the ironing done and there's not much more generated for today as most of what was on the line could be folded, aired and put away.

A little bit of the chest freezer is now tidy.  I'll tackle the fast freeze compartment today.  Little and often is the name of the game here. 

Beth came round and it was good to chat although we both kept distance from each other.  She finished off a weighted quilt she is making for a friend although goodness knows when it will get posted.  When she left, she took with her the sewing machine, some fabrics and other bits and bobs plus some rhubarb from the allotment and a bag of Delia's veggie sausage rolls from the freezer.

Today is more of the same really.  I'll get the ironing done, such as it is, and I think there's enough for a load of darks; the weather forecast was good so they can go outside to blow and freshen.
I think I will turn out the fridge, not that it needs it but as I'm doing all the other kitchen cupboards, etc, I may as well do that as well and it's never the wrong time to wipe over the shelves, etc.

I have some planning to do.  Tuition is continuing for now as long as it is possible (and, hopefully, it will remain possible because that will mean everyone is fit and well).

I started watching 'The Crown' but didn't get very far because Beth arrived.  Maybe I can watch a bit more today.

The top didn't get started but maybe today . . . it's not that important.  However, I finished one sock and have started on the other.  I was hoping they would do for Beth but they aren't wide enough so I will make some more in a larger size.  The yarn I am using is old yarn that I bought because it was £1 a ball so I have enough.  Mother and daughter matching socks - how about that!

Today is a bit sad because it was Mothering Sunday one year ago when Mum died.  The actual date was the last day of March.  I will keep busy and do useful things to keep positive.

So my list for today (which includes things that didn't get done yesterday) is . . .
washing and ironing
wipe all surfaces
order plants (again)
cut out top

Nothing terribly exciting or innovative there.
What's yours?  xx


  1. Make a mincemeat tart for after lunch (jar found when tidying jam shelf), do a bit of ironing, potter in the garden and FaceTime with my children and grandchildren.

    1. Mincemeat tart sounds delicious - what a lucky find.
      Have a great day - it all sounds lovely.

  2. I also worked my way through the ironing pile yesterday, although I'm sure it will be replenished by this evening. Today has dawned bright and sunny, so I'm going to get out for a walk.
    Thinking of you today. Xx

    1. Thanks, Jules.
      It's a beautiful day here too, bright and sunny and not a breezy as yesterday. Have a super walk.

  3. I have always hated ironing and used to leave it set up in my then study and do 4 items or 20 mins. These days hubby does it as he loved it, strange msn!

  4. What is ironing? 😂

    I've sorted and listed the contents of the undercounted freezer, fridge and cupboards so will be attempting the garage freezer today. It will take more than one go though, I think. Then it'll be time for some creative meal planning to make best use of what I have, and start a shopping list to fill in the gaps later in April. It's definitely a time to focus on zero waste isn't it?

    How is your Dad coping? Will you still be able to see him?

    I've added The Crown to my list of things to watch but am currently enjoying re-runs of Doctor Who.

    1. Flattening fabric, I believe!! ;-)

      Definitely zero waste time - and it's actually quite a lot of fun being creative with what one has, given that it actually comes to a fair amount.

      Dad is managing fine, thanks. He has a great network of friends and neighbours. We have, however, decided it would be better if I don't go over for a while, until things settle down again and we are advised that it is OK so to do. I was worried about mentioning it to him and he to me and we were both thinking the same way.

      Me too - Doctor Who and Star Trek. Very undemanding stuff.