Monday 9 March 2020


Good morning!  For the first time in I don't know how long, I slept until half past seven which feels really great!  To add to that, the sun is shining for - oh, must be the fourth day in a row.  Fantastic!  We got a bit of rain yesterday and we might get a bit more today but how cheering it is to see the sun so much.

On the other hand, I notice my internet connection has just gone down which is a bit of a pain.  Fingers crossed it doesn't last long.

Something not so cheering - I notice that the local surgery, next to Morrisons and the school, has been closed for 'deep cleaning' due to the coronavirus or whatever it's called nowadays.  It brings it uncomfortably close to home, doesn't it?  I'm well stocked and have plenty of loo roll (!!!) so, should it get awkward, I can and will survive.  :-)

Yesterday was a lazy day.  I did some sewing, some reading, some cooking and generally lounged around watching old Poirots on playback.  Very nice it was too.

Today I am following the instructions in the manual to give the machine a clean and an oiling, like one is supposed to but rarely does and then it's going away for a few days.  Apart from anything else, I need to get some tidiness into my living room, just because I do, not for any specific reason.

Being Monday, today is knitter knatter, helping out in FS and a tuition session.  Apart from that, it's housework today apart from one more trip to Morrisons to get some dishwasher soap and some rinse aid.  There's always something you forget, isn't there?

Have a good day


  1. Was that David Suchet as Poirot? I always think he came closest to portraying the character described in the books.

    Enjoy yourself at knitter knatter. How ambitious do the children get with the their kintting projects?

    1. Yes, David Suchet. I think of him as the definitive Poirot, just as I think of Joan Hickson as the definitive Miss Marple.

      It's interesting that you should ask about the children. One of them turned up with five projects on the go including circular knitting (on a circular needle). She'd also taught herself the purl stitch. Another has made herself a scarf that she wears with great pride and she's now knitting a blanket for her doll's bed with a large number of stitches and chunky tarn.
      They're all very keen and doing extremely well. The only unravelling we have to do nowadays is when the yarn itself gets in a tangle.

    2. Yes, that's true. Glad to hear that the knitting is going well, and that you got some sunshine.