Thursday 19 March 2020


Good morning, all.  Well, the big news is about schools, of course.  What a muddle it will be at first as schools have two days to work out who still needs to attend and who cannot, how and what they will be taught so that it corresponds with what they're sending online, etc.  All sorts of questions come to mind, don't they?

There's such an odd atmosphere around at the moment, I think.  Trying to feel and remain 'normal' in very abnormal times is hard work instead of - well - normal!  I suppose it will settle down after a while, albeit different to now.

So - yesterday.
First thing I drove over to Lathcoats Farm Shop to see if they had any wholemeal flour as Beth had asked me to make her a loaf.  As luck would have it they had both flour (not strong but that doesn't matter all that much) and some bread so I got her a nice big sliced wholemeal loaf and some lentil and veg burgers (plus the flour because I shall need it).  I also got some oats as mine are getting low and I do use oats quite a lot.  I was sorely tempted to get some Tiptree fruit liqueur, which is gorgeous, but was strong and good and didn't.  Oh, and I got some apples and some pears because their fruit is fantastic.

Personal training was as good as it always is.  Lindsey, of course, is very concerned about her business and we talked about ways round it all as I worked away.  She already does Facebook real-time sessions so will probably extend that somewhat, if she can.

Jennifer (SW leader) is also getting to grips with maybe doing some online real time meetings and had a very creditable go in the afternoon.  The closed fb group has livened up considerably today with lots and lots of comments and input.
Jennifer posted this which made me laugh.
~Get those bathroom scales flat on a hard floor
~if you stand them up on their side for storage, lay them flat for at least 30 mins before weighing to get a more true reading
~pretend you’ve just rushed around for 20 mins to get to me
~ put 50p into a jar for parking
~ now go for a last chance wee
~ now come out of the bathroom and take £4.95 out of your purse and put it in that same jar as the 50p
~ pretend ive just smiled at you and said hello love!
~pick up a SW magazine and ask yourself do I have this one? Then remember you have coz you’re in your own house!
~ get ready to stand on those scales...take off your watch and jewellery and heavy can even do it nude this week!
~ make a wish!
~stand on the scales
~ count to three and make a high pitch beep sound yourself - now you can stand off
~ now this is the important bit! Whatever your scales say....and it doesn’t matter if it’s way out with my scales (because they’re all different). This is the new line in the sand! We all need to use this as the benchmark between now and coming back to group! Now write it in your book! Next: in the comments below commit to me your action plan and desired amount to lose this week! We will review it here next week on Facebook live and make some noise for you (albeit just me and the dogs in the background...we will do whistles,glow sticks & gogo dancers again when we regroup) !

How's that for Keep Calm and Carry On, eh?

You will be glad to know that I got my sewing cupboard sorted - well, as sorted as that sort of thing can ever be.  There was no chucking out, just reorganising, and I seem to have plenty of fabrics long enough to make something with as well as finding some more paper patterns.  Sadly, two of them are size 18 upward so won't really work for me.  Never mind! 

Sadly, Dave didn't come over.  He's not feeling well.  Of course, I am worried about this but keep telling myself that it could be anything . . . 
Alex, on the other hand, is out of lockdown.  There was some sort of misunderstanding about it.  However, all lectures are now online, no face to face things at all.  Quite lonely, I think.

Today is more or less empty apart from an hour's tuition.  No pottery < very sad > .  My brain feels rather dead but I'm sure I will find things to do - for a start, I need to give everything a good wipe over with cleaning fluid, especially the kitchen.  Also, I think I will check the contents of the upright freezer and make an inventory.  If it's fine, I could do a bit of weeding too.  I could make another top with some of the fabric I tidied up today - between us, Beth and I have loads and loads of sylko so I am bound to get something that matches.  And I have ironing.  There you go - I do have things to do after all!

I'd better stop, make my second coffee of the day and look through the planning before I get started on today's stuff.  
I'll leave you with a collage of photos I took yesterday of my poor little front strip that's actually looking quite nice at the moment.  The crocus is the first one ever after planting a few bulbs earlier, late because the bulbs went in late, while the little scilla is the best it has ever been and it's my favourite, so sweet and shy among the more gaudy daffodils and hyacinths.

Stay safe.


  1. Our personal little worlds are shrinking, aren’t they? It is a grey morning here in Worcestershire sndIhave a lot of organising to do. Mum finally decided she would come down to stay so we are going to convert the dining room into a bedroom for her. That will mean struggling with the dining table into the garage and getting a single bed downstairs. I’ll clear out the sideboard for a dressing table and storage and order a hanging rail for her. She can just about manage the stairs but it is heavy going for her. She can then use the downstairs cloakroom as her bathroom and struggle upstairs for a shower once or twice a week. It will have to do. It is either that or 12-14 weeks of total isolation.
    I plan to have it all ready by Saturday.
    Beds to change and bathrooms to do too. I only have one bottle of anti viral surface spray so I bought 3 bottles of bleach. I diluted 50 miles bleach and made up to 500mls with water and poured into a spray bottle. I saw this recommended on tv the other day so I will wash surfaces and handles as normal then spray and leave for a minute before drying with clean cloth. Better than nothing.
    If I have time for hobbies I will get on with a cardigan I am knitting.

    1. I don't have any anti- viral stuff but I guess a good wipe over with a cloth and some other spray cleaner (I use Stardrops which smells as if you're doing some good) is a good substitute. I dilute this too and use a spray bottle I got from B&Q which does a grand job. I also have one for spraying the clothes when ironing!

      It must be a relief to know that your Mum is coming, despite all the hard work it is causing initially. Mental happiness/health is going to be important in this battle and it's so much better than isolation.

  2. I have just read a letter from the CEO of Tesco and they are making major changes to stop the panic buyers and allow time for the older citizens to get their necessary items 9am till 10am Monday Wednesday and Friday which should make things easier for the elderly. The new regimentarts today no more 24 hours they will close at 10pm

    1. I've just seen that - such a good idea. I wonder if, at 67, I count.

  3. The message from Jennifer made me smile. It's so important to keep a sense of humour in times like this.
    We intend to have some fun home schooling for the next few weeks at least. The current topic is Wordsworth, so I see a few field trips coming up :)

    1. It's a goody, isn't it. I don't think she actually wrote it but that doesn't matter. I think it's made all of us smile and smiles are valuable.
      Enjoy your home schooling - it sounds great.

  4. I feel for all my teacher friends. They have an awfully big task to get this sorted and then for some there will be an ongoing commitment to be in school for the children of the key workers etc.

    Your SW consultant is doing a good job and I'm pleased that you have the support to carry on with it.

    Hope your Dave is better soon.

    1. I now that ex colleagues are gutted. You get very fond of the children in your class and the chances are that when they all go back it will be a new year and a new teacher. It's hard, very hard indeed.
      Jennifer is really good, I agree. A thoroughly nice person as well.

      And Dave seems to be fine again. Feeling really well although he is self distancing and working from home. Thanks for saying.

  5. Hello Niegbour, I have recently found your blog and read back a few entries and realised that I recognised all the places !! I live within a 10 minute walk of morrisons. lathcoats do lovely food and drink in their café, and I like that you can try the apples in the cold room. Bye for now Deb down the road from you

    1. Hi, Deb. How lovely to find a local reader, thanks very much for commenting. It's a very pleasant area, isn't it?