Friday 27 March 2020


Good morning!  Wasn't the weather lovely again yesterday?  Today looks like being just as lovely, according to the BBC.  Long may it continue!

Such a lovely thing happened yesterday morning.  I opened the front door (actually to put a thank you note out for the bin men) and there, beside the door, was a box of fifteen happy-hen eggs.  It was from one of my mums who can get into the shops early, being an NHS worker.  So, so kind and it brought tears to my eyes as you may imagine.
Image result for thank you
I may freeze some of them in little pots as most of my egg usage involves whisked eggs and this seems to be a sensible way to preserve them.

Of course, it was a really great start to the day?  Acts of kindness really help so much.

Bang on eight, I went to Morrisons in the car.  It actually opens at seven but the first hour is for NHS workers who have to wear their badge to prove it.  My heart sank a bit as I saw a bit of a queue but it was only the changeover and people were moving in easily.
To my delight, I managed to get just about everything on the list Beth had emailed over to me.  No flour, of course, no baked beans, no anti-bac stuff (I got her some bleach that she can dilute and use) but there were eggs and there was plenty of fresh fruit and veg, bread (restricted to three items only) and even some paper tissues.

The check out queues were pretty long as people were maintaining distance but the shop seemed empty enough by then.  I chose a checkout with a friend manning it.  She seemed to be having some trouble with customers trying to buy too much and arguing the point but the till wouldn't check out more than the permitted amount of anything so, even if she'd been so inclined, she couldn't give way!  Bottles of wine seemed top be the main point of contention for many!  Oh, dear.

When I got to the front, we had a good old chat as she checked me out which was nice.  The only thing I couldn't have was because they seem to have lumped chopped tomatoes and pulses in the same category.  Why?  I have no idea and neither did C but no point in arguing, I decided to hand back the can of butter beans as I had given Beth some pulses last week so I reckoned she was OK for them (and so she was).

When I got out, I realised why there weren't many people in the shop.  Because of the early rush, they had started a one out and one in routine and the (distanced) queue spread right along to the end of the shop and down to the end of the car park!!  Rather like those old clips of WWII.

I shall definitely go early next time again!

After getting the shopping back to Beth (still maintaining distance), I went home and, I'm ashamed to admit, I rather slumped for the rest of the day, not in a sad and depressed way, just in a lazy way.  I was very tired, of course, after being short of sleep; maybe that's my excuse.  I even skipped PE with Joe, bad me.  So, if you see anything reappearing as a Thing to Do - that's why!

Today's plans.
Something physical:      
PE with Joe and Lindsey's PT programme.  I MUST do some today to make up for yesterday

Something outside:       
My prescription has arrived so I will walk to the chemist in Morrisons and get it made up.  In the sunshine, that will be lovely.  If there's a queue, as I'm just going to the chemist, maybe they will let me in.

Something for someone else:      
I shall be checking round the family today.  I know Dad is being well 'looked after' by his lovely support network which is a great weight off our collective family mind.  He even asked me how to cook mince - that's pretty much the first cooking from scratch he has done in a very, very long time.

Something in the kitchen:  
Prepping some peppers for the freezer.  I lay them on easy leave on a tray and open freeze them before bagging them so they don't stick together.

Something for the house:  
changing the sheets, washing and ironing - should've done this yesterday, I know

Something creative:  
knitting - I started on my new yarn yesterday.  I just couldn't resist it, even though I only have one sock from the yarn I was working on before.  At least I didn't start a new one half way through a sock!  That would have been daft.
Pink and pretty!

Next winter, I will have cosy toes!
(it looks as if I've made a mistake in the ribbing - I haven't, it's just uneven and will even out after wearing and washing)

Something social:  
As I'm off to put in my prescription, I'm sure I will exchange smiles and brief words with people as we pass.  Everyone wants to engage now.  And I might have a vid-chat with Beth, if she wants.

Something entertaining:  
The new Mike Jeavons thing will be up on YouTube and I want to finish the last week on Muscle food too.  I'm well into The Crown now and must have my daily fix!

What are your plans for today?


  1. Morning Joy, what a lovely thing to happen, we also were given a dozen eggs earlier this week by our neighbours. They're a young family, she'd been shopping and managed to get 2 boxes of eggs, they don't use a lot but she knows I do, so got the extra box for me, how kind of her. And she wouldn't take any money either, so husband gave her some of our homegrown leeks which she was happy to have. I think this crisis is bringing out the best in people, by and large. Have a good day, Joy. xx

  2. Yes, I think that by and large, it is. I was chatting to an elderly fried in the queue at Morrisons and we said the same thing - that all this community support and helping each other is just too good to lose.
    People are so kind and I'm glad you were on the receiving end too. Heartwarming, isn't it.

  3. That's so thoughtful of the mum to think of you about the eggs. I've ordered a tray of 30 to be delivered with a veg box so will be freezing most of them ... not something I've done before but it'll be lovely to have eggs on hand again.

    I like the colours you've chosen for your knitting.

    1. Wasn't it lovely of her? It's nice to have some again, i do use quite a lot of eggs usually.
      The sock is looking nicer the more I knit it up. I'm really please and I think they will go great with leggings/jeggings.

  4. What a lovely surprise! We've had no problems getting eggs. The shelves seem to be fairly empty but I was able to get everything I needed. I've noticed it seems to go in spurts - sometimes they have certain items and other times it's something else. I went early yesterday. I managed to get everything I needed plus some more bleach wipes and some loo roll. I'm hoping we've got what we need for the week. I am still getting out for my morning walk - earlier than normal though. I think if I didn't go I would be tempted to just sit and get lost in a book all day so I wouldn't have to think about real life.

    Hope you have a good day!

    1. I agree, it goes in spurts. I'm waiting for the flour spurt really although, to be fair, I have plenty of bread and I have some old strong flour which is probably still perfectly OK.

  5. I've not seen any of Mike Jeavon's latest 'Week On … ' yet, I must have a catch up. My favourite ever Week On that he did was the 'Week on M&S Yellow Sticker Shopping'. How lovely to find those eggs first things, some people are being so thoughtful. xx

  6. I'm enjoying it. He planned it before lockdown so it's odd the way it has worked out.
    Yes, people are being lovely right now. Long may it continue.