Tuesday 4 September 2018


Good morning, everyone.  It's dull this morning and BBC weather tells me that it will likely remain dull all day with maybe a few sunny intervals.  I hope they are wrong - I've been enjoying these sunny autumn days.

Yesterday passed gently and happily.  Today is also looking uncluttered.  I have tuition after school and then Beth is round so we will pop off to the allotment to harvest.  The pears we picked a fortnight ago have finally ripened (and they are lovely) so I daresay we will be picking more as well as apples and any veg that is ready.  I am now eyeing things up and considering when to clear the decks so that we can get everything covered over this winter and early spring which should make the spring work so much easier.  It was such a problem last year with me needing to be at my parents', then Beth starting work and then me being ill and it made the work this year so much harder.  It'll be so much better this time.

I'm planning to go swimming today as it's been a number of days now since I went.  Not an early morning swim though; it's quite busy at that time with all the young professionals getting their exercise in before work, but a bit later it is usually lovely.  I'll probably go when the school run dies down.

Matalan is next door, nearly, to the gym so I might then pop in to see what winter stuff they are getting in.  I had a quick look at what I have upstairs and I've missed the boat with some of it - I kept things because I liked them, even though they were way too small, but now they are too big.

As far as coats are concerned, I have a quilted jacket type thing that is way too big but which might possibly do and I have a suede coat (it's beautiful) that I have had literally for decades which is too small and also a really good Windsmoor camel coloured coat that cost a fortune (a fortune to me anyway), also decades old but hardly worn, both of which are too small right now, so once all the weight is off I should be OK.  Maybe Matalan has some cheap, warm jackets/coats that would fill the gap.

On the plus side, I have skirts in plenty and smaller jeans are easily available when I need them.

Maybe it is a waste and vanity, but I'd really like one nice outfit for Christmas.  I've never had one before.  I'd also like a Christmas jumper because ditto.
We will see anyway - it might end up as a pair of Santa socks instead!  :-)

Better get going for the day.  Have a good 'un, everyone.


  1. Snap! I've never had a Christmas jumper and am determined to get one this year. I might invest in a pair of flashing Christmas earrings as well!

  2. I'd have to have my ears pierced for earrings but you can get flashing brooches too!

  3. There are so many very reasonable Christmas jumpers about these days I would definitely treat yourself and maybe you could team it up with one of your skirts for an outfit.x

  4. I'm quite looking forward to it! Looking in Matalan yesterday, they already had some Christmas stuff in. Too soon, much too soon.