Saturday 29 September 2018


Good morning, everyone.

There's not really much to mention this morning.  Yesterday passed as days often do.  Just small, everyday stuff.  It was warm during the day if you were sheltered but a bit chilly in the breeze and I gather the next fortnight or so will be much the same.  Good news for my holiday!

I've just remembered that two parcels arrived yesterday.  One was a swimming costume.  I will be swimming every day on holiday (unless I have a day off) and one cossie really isn't enough.  I do have two in the next size down, bought for less than half price in a sale, but I tried them on and . . . well, no, not quite.  Another half stone down and they will be fine but not right now.  So now I am set for my holiday.
The other was some ankle boots from Hotter,  Last week, as you may remember, I discovered that I can now get into normal width footwear.  I tried on some ankle boots in Matalan.  They fitted fine but the soles weren't all that comfortable.  So I went to good old Hotter and ordered from there.  Much more expensive, I know, but they will last and were extremely comfy.  I've always wanted bootlets so I feel not the least bit guilty and I'm now very well set up for footwear.

Today looks like being more of the same but without parcels!  :-)


  1. Morning Joy, lovely day here although colder as you say - but the sun is shining and there's a bright blue sky so it's all good! Cheap shoes, especially boots, are a false economy I think - they tend to leak, be uncomfortable and don't last long. I don't spend much at all on clothes, but do try to buy the best footwear I can afford.

  2. I have a hotter catalogue here at the mo and very tempted by the boots with the flower bit! But £99 Aaaaagh.
    Thank you for always commenting on my blog, when I look and see it says 1 comment I always think - that will be Joy - much appreciated.
    Have a good day, forecast is good for Suffolk so I hope Essex is good too

  3. I love my Whisper boots!!

  4. Thanks for the comments, everyone. I don't feel nearly as guilty about the bootlets ass I ought to feel. When I was teaching, I used to be so hard on shoes but Hotters always lasted considerably longer than any other kind of shoe so I've carried on getting them. They fit, the are comfortable and they look good. And they don't leak at the first sign of puddle!
    Sue, I really love your blog. There's always something interesting to read there so thank you too.
    Frugality isn't always about cheapness. It's also about getting the best with what you can afford, I think, making the most of what you have. I reckon if one can afford Hotter, then it's frugal because they last so well.
    I'll look up Whisper boots! :-)

  5. Hotter are so comfortable well worth the extra money - you can get them cheaper at those shopping villages - we often call at the one at Gretna on our way home from Scotland. They are last seasons but that doesn't matter. I agree about the frugal bit - long lasting classic clothes and shoes are just another side of being frugal - not just always buying cheap.

  6. I like days with parcels too! I received one with a couple of dresses and surprise, surprise they both fit and I like them!
    I think with footwear, cheap rarely works. A good pair in soft leather will be comfortable, and a decent sole will last much longer too.

  7. We have a shopping village near us - I wonder if they do Hotters there. I must check.
    How lovely to have both the dresses fitting and that you like them fitting - a good choices there.