Tuesday 11 September 2018


Good morning, everyone.  It's a bit early to really tell but the sky looks clear and it should turn out a fine day again.

Yesterday I didn't go swimming - so much for a pattern to my days.  By the time the dent man turned up, it was a bit touch and go as to whether I'd bet back for tuition in time.  Annoyingly, he decided it would need to go to the 'body shop' (not the famous one, I sincerely hope) - it's only a little dent but . . .
So we're back to base on this one.

I didn't totally waste my time though.  I planned, I did a stack of ironing including bedding and I made some soda bread for a friend who is coming to stay for a few days this evening.

It was nice to get tuition started again.  I do enjoy the contact with the kids and I enjoy the teaching. 

Today I have to pick up a prescription first thing and then go on to Sainsbury's to do a bit of shopping.  Then I will see if I have any time left for swimming today.  Aqua is at 12:00 and that clears the pool of anyone else, so if I can get down by eleven, I'll have time for a good swim and the changing room will be virtually empty by the time I've finished my swim.

Later on there's tuition, of course, followed by Beth coming round for dinner and my friend arriving.  So a nicely busy day all round and thank goodness for my car!

Better get going with some planning then!


  1. I've not yet looked out of the window but I can hear the rain lashing against the glass and it's very dark this morning.
    I hope you get your swim. I suspect it will be ironing for me before I go to work today. X

  2. My day will be spent washing ten brass instruments to get tgem ready for the first workshop tomorrow.. I really dislike doing it but it beats doing ironing ... I don't know how you manage it!

    Hope you have a good day x