Friday 14 September 2018


Good morning, everyone.  Friday rolls around again and I hope you have some good things planned for the weekend.

Yesterday turned into a glorious day so Alison and I drove over to Coggeshall to visit the Grange Barn and Paycockes.

The barn is a stunning medieval barn, originally used to process and store the grain collected from local farmers to pay the tithe tax to the the Abbey.  By the 1970s it was totally derelict, unused and in danger of being totally demolished, especially after it started collapsing.  However, it was made a listed building and in the 1980 (I think) funds were raised and the barn was renovated.  It has 'atmosphere' and is well worth a visit.

Then we walked up the roast and round the corner to Paycocke's House, a fascinating Tudor house built in 1508 and renovated very carefully in the 1900s to the standard it is in today.

Annoyingly, I forgot my camera.!  I borrowed the two above from Google Images
However, I'm going back soon.  There's much more to see and visit in Coggeshall; what's left of the Abbey including a tiny gatehouse chapel that I can add to my list of Essex churches, Gallows Street, the Woolpack (another Tudor building) and St Peter's ad Vincula.  I have a map of a walk that takes me to all these places and I also treated myself to a book, Discovering Coggeshall (Timber Framed Buildings in the Town Centre) so I shall be able to look with more knowledge and understanding.

Also just down the road from Paycoke's, there is a winery and serves delicious meals, I am reliably informed.  Just the ticket after a good walk, don't you think?

After that I took Alison to the station to get her train back into London, did the tuition session and then went off to Slimming World (two and a half pounds off this week - yay!).

It was a super day.

It looks like I will be doing more walking in future months than I have ever done in the past so I have sent off for some walking shoes.  Not the heavier boots, but trainer-like things, properly waterproof, that have been recommended to me.  I just hope they fit my awkward feet!  I am also on the look out for a lightweight backpack as carrying a handbag really does get in the way somewhat and doesn't hold everything anyway.

Today I intend to start with a swim and then to get the house right for the cleaner, not that there's much to do and I've been very tidy with a guest around.  Later on I will be popping off to Mum and Dad's so it should be a really pleasant day again.  The weather forecast is good too.

I hope to be able to post over the weekend but if I can't, don't worry, I will be back.


  1. Like you, I'm up early, Joy, although it's dark now and I hate dark mornings as much as I hate dark evenings! What wonderful timbered buildings and what a lovely day you had. You must try the winery next time! We have Sharpham Vineyard not far from us; it has been going many years now and has award-winning wines, both white and red (and sparkling.)
    My walking boots are a little tight for me now (I think my feet have spread a bit with age) but I've had them for years - real cheapies from Cotton Traders but until recently they have been comfortable. It's not always the cost, is it, but the fit. But I confess I don't do much walking, so I don't wear these regularly any more. If I did more walking, I'd invest in some seriously good footwear.
    Have a good weekend,
    Margaret P

  2. I hate handbags as I just forget them and leave them in various places so I am a pocket person and the one advantage of shooting jackets is they have huge pockets to put cartridges in so perfect for me...

  3. Well done on your continued weight loss! It looks as though your own self discipline encouraged by new input from Slimming World is working really well.
    Walking regularly has been very good for me both mentally and physically.I try to do some every day.
    One comment on backpacks.
    Until I had one I naively thought that they would be waterproof. It seemed a basic requirement in our climate.
    However I soon discovered my mistake and have yet to find any that will survive a wet day. One has to buy a waterproof cover or use a plastic bag for purse, camera etc!
    My present one is a reputable make and excellent in every other way.
    If you've found a waterproof one I'd love to know the make.

  4. I rather love dark mornings and evening, Margaret. They make me feel cosy and safe inside. But I do miss the longer days, that's for sure.
    The shoes I have ordered are Karrimore and I am just hoping.

    Diane, I don't hate my handbag really but when you are shuffling a camera and a map, you really don't want to fuss around with a bag as well, do you?

    Thanks, Sue, the new scaffolding is helping so much so long may it continue. My friend who was staying has a waterproof cover for her backpack and I guess I will do the same thing although if I get a truly waterproof one, I will certainly let you know.


  5. Must get to Essex to visit Paycocks and Coggeshall now I have the NT membership but not down the A12 - horrible road

  6. It's not a great road, I agree. It gets better closer to the M25, I think. They are well worth a visit - in fact, the whole town is lovely. I've discovered I can get the bus from Chelmsford so I might do that next week. I love my bus pass!