Thursday 13 September 2018


Good morning, everyone.  What a gloomy day yesterday with cloud and the occasional bout of drizzle but not enough to stop us doing what we had planned.

The car wasn't picked up until nearly ten (it should have been 8:30) but that wasn't a problem and as soon as it had gone we set off for town.

Once there we headed 100 metres left to one of the cathedral entrances.  I won't write much about it as I intend to do a separate post when I have the time (and I know I haven't written about Greensted church yet either) but here's just a few photos.

Once we'd finished there, rather cut short by an lunchtime Communion, we went along the High Street and I finally, at long, long last. got round to arranging my sight and hearing appointments at Specsavers so now I feel organised again.
We went into Costas for a coffee because we both had cards and chatted over an excellent black coffee and, I assume, an excellent hot chocolate before heading back to the bus stop and home.

After tuition and dinner and the return of a now mended car, we watched telly before I sleepwalked up to bed, followed later by my friend.

It was a good day.

Today we are hoping to get to Coggeshall.  I've mentioned this before when I last went and have always intended to go back.  It's a lovely old town with a medieval barn, the Grange Barn, and many other old buildings including Paycockes.
I found a couple of circular walk maps online and we might do one of them (or we might not, it all depends how we feel).  We will definitely visit the barn and then walk to Paycockes, both of which are National Trust properties so I must make sure I have my NT card with me.

Then my friend leaves for a meeting in London tomorrow and after tuition I am off for my weigh in (wish me luck)

It should be yet another lovely day.  I've ordered Good Weather!  :-)


  1. Your good weather order is working here! Good luck with your weigh in later.

  2. It is here too - the sun is shining beautifully!
    And thanks. As always, my fingers are crossed!

  3. It looks beautiful! I love looking at the gargoyles and other decorations on the outside of churches. They really fascinate me.

  4. It's an odd old mix of new and old but I rather like it.