Thursday 6 September 2018


G0od morning, all!  After rain yesterday evening (great - no need for allotment watering), it's dry and dull again here this morning.  The sun seems to have gone on holiday after working so hard over the summer.  It's chilly too - I almost turned on my electric blanket in bed last night but managed to resist the temptation.  Maybe a bit too decadent for September!

I didn't go swimming yesterday after all.  When I ran through all the little things I had to do, I decided against it.  I knew I'd be going today and maybe three days in a row is a bit much.  I did walk to the shops and home again carrying a pretty heavy bag instead.

It was a lovely meal with Alex.  The nice waiter managed to wangle just a griddled chicken breast and salad for me and it was delicious.  Al and I are both pretty busy next week so we decided to give out get togethers a miss and the one after that in a fortnight is the last for a while as Al will be off to uni again.  We've decided I will cook him a roast dinner - he loves a roast dinner - of chicken, pigs in blankets, roasted potatoes and parsnips, peas carrots, gravy and cranberry sauce.  Sounds a bit like a Christmas dinner to me.  :-)

After tuition, I had a meeting with a parent and then I was able to relax, having got the ironing done earlier in the day.

Today I will definitely go swimming and then I have a friend round for lunch - the friend I caught up with a fortnight ago is letting me return the compliment and have her here.  I've made a nice tomato soup and we'll have it with grated cheese and some garlic bread I have in the freezer.  I mean, she will have the garlic bread (if she wants it).

Then the day is my own.  I'll see how much time I have left and might do a bit of gardening.  The allotment may look great but my own patch is looking a bit neglected especially the front which is a disgrace!

Remember me telling you about getting some flowers through the post that weren't meant to be for me?  That was last Tuesday.  Well, they are still going strong.  Remember they are now nine days old plus however long it took to deliver.
For a free bouquet, they are really something!

And finally, this evening is Slimming World so fingers crossed.


  1. The flowers look lovely - amazing they still look so good! I must admit I have succumbed to the temptation of the electric blanket over the past few days as it has been a bit chilly here in the evenings. Oh dear. Enjoy your lunch. X

  2. We didn't have any rain yesterday but I was cold in bed last night, so it may be time to put a throw on the bed for a bit of extra warmth. September seems way too soon to change to the winter weight duvet.

    I hope you enjoy your lunch with your friend and yes, it does sound very much like a Chritsmas meal that Alex has chosen. I'm sure you'll both enjoy it though. This summer break has gone really quickly hasn't it? Is he excited about his second year at uni?

  3. The rain was very necessary and we had a whole day of constant steady rain never heavy but constant which is so good for wetting the ground. Your comment about the roast being a Christmas dinner is so true in years gone by we had a poultry farm and people had a chicken for Christmas dinner.

  4. I'm glad I wasn't the only one. At this time of year, even if we have a heatwave during the day, the mornings and evenings are much fresher which is good.

    Diane, we didn't have as much rain as you but it was still good. I agree, it is the long, steady rain that refreshes the soil, not the heavy shower.
    Chickens used to be very expensive when I was young. We rarely had it at home but always when we went to the grandparents and, yes, sometimes at Christmas.


  5. Those flowers have lasted very well the ones I had for leaving work when it was so hot were a struggle to keep them going and looking so fresh.

  6. I'm so impressed I have ordered some to send to Mum to cheer her up. I'm sure the cooler weather has something to do with it. xx