Monday 17 September 2018


Good morning, everyone.  It's the start of a new week and the weather is still beautiful.  Not always sunny (although it does brighten up by the afternoon) and surprisingly warm after such a chilly start to the month.  You won't catch me complaining though!

The highlight of yesterday was apple picking.  As I mentioned before, there's a sort of communal orchard just down the road and I sauntered along there yesterday, bag over my arm, and came back with a fair amount but, hopefully, not too many.  I'm surprised more folk don't come and pick.  When I get home, I will take a photo of the loot!
Hope they are nice!

Apart from that it was a lazy day.  Lots of reading and snoozing (all of us, not just me) and it was very restful.  Today is rather busier.  I am wondering if perhaps I can fit in a swim before tuition and later on I will have ironing to deal with.  Just an ordinary day really but nice!
Like yours, I hope.


  1. Ordinary days are nice. I got a surprise at just how warm it was yesterday. It looked like Autumn but the temperatures said otherwise.
    I hope you enjoy your apples. X

  2. Communal orchards are such a good idea. we are very fortunate here as we are close to Brogdale which holds the national apple collection so they have all sorts of weird and wonderful apples for sale.

  3. It's lovely today too - Indian Summer, I think it is called. It's better not disappear completely until the middle of October!

    I saw about a whole town that has gone communal - plants to harvest in every public spot. Fantastic!


  4. I was hoping for a long Indian summer again this year as we have so much to do in our garden in Scotland, including picking the rest of the apples - but the weather forecast is wind, rain and then gales - that will have the caravan rocking again no doubt.
    Have a good week - ordinary things are nice to do I think.

  5. Eloise ( September 2018 at 21:17

    I like pears when they are very soft. Husband prefers them with a bit of bite so I have to instruct him not to eat them all of I never get a soft one!

  6. Sorry, Viv and Aloise - I missed your comments, bad me.
    It's very windy here at the moment but the sun is shining brightly as well. Odd weather.
    Pears are lovely, however they come, I think. WHich reminds me - time for a snack.