Friday 28 September 2018


Good morning, everyone.  What a gloriously autumnal day it was yesterday, sunny with a clear blue sky and warm too, but not uncomfortably warm.  It was one of those cheerful days!

I met up with my friend and we had some good coffee while we talked.  How we talked!  We were still going strong when A had to leave for another appointment.  When two ex teachers come together, some of the subject of the conversation is inevitable and we certainly aired our views!  It was great and we will make this a regular thing in a way that neither of us could do while we were working.

After tuition it was weigh in and, cheers, another pound and a half off.  That'll do me!  For those who do SW, I got my bronze body magic thing.  A twee name for 'exercise' but it's good that they encourage members to get moving a bit more.

Today I am off to my parents' home so need to get the house sorted a bit.  It's not nice to come home to a mess, after all.  I need to go to Morrisons so that's my bit of exercise.  I know it's not much but it is much better than nothing.

But first - coffee!


  1. Morning Joy, it was a glorious day here yesterday too, very warm in fact. Well done on the continuing weight loss, no idea what the bronze thingy is but am sure it's good! I've started losing again this week, now I'm low carbing again - losing pounds feels so good, doesn't it? Of course walking to and around shops's still walking, after all! Hope you have a nice weekend with your parents. xx

  2. Congratulations on the weight loss you must be very happy there is nothing like seeing the scales drop back.

  3. Thank you, ladies both!
    It's making me feel happy, Diane. I'm slowly creeping down the BMI thing too and feeling so much better.
    I actually don't 'count' the walking around the shop, just the walking to and from, because I would do the other anyway, but maybe I should. :-)
    The bronze thingy is just a sort of celebration of doing and sustaining exercise. They don't make a big thing of it but it's encouragement.

  4. You must have sent the good weather here today it is glorious again - yesterday it started out nice but then changed so only did half a day in the garden.
    Have a nice weekend with mum and dad - congrats on the weight loss every little helps and it is in the right direction.x

  5. Yes, it is, Viv and it's so encouraging. Only two and a half more and I've lost a stone with Slimming World.
    I'm sure you got a lot done in the garden and although it is supposed to get colder, the forecast still seems to be sunny, so no complaints.

  6. It's been a lovely day here, too, Joy, and I've (a) done some housekeeping and (b) watched the Ryder Cup as I said in my blog that I would be doing. Loved it!!!
    Yes, I'll bet two ex-teachers had much to discuss. Should I presume you were a primary school teacher? Were you of the era of Look & Say reading or did you teach phonics? Apparently, I've read in the paper (and one mustn't believe everything one reads in the papers, I know!!!) that by teaching phonics rather than Look and Say, our youngsters have leap-frogged other nations in learning to read. And then I read in today's paper that a lot of children have difficulty in spelling and reading the word "saucers". Fancy that!
    Margaret P

  7. I was both, Margaret, Both have their good points and both can work together to help children make sense of out complex language structure.
    Phonics do not make a child a reader, they just help a child to decode words. Ditto for look and say. And other methods too. Reading is way, way more than 'barking at text' (as we teachers call it). Why does it have to be one or t'other?
    You've got me on my high horse here - can you tell?
    Yes, I was a primary teacher, based in KS1 (infants) mostly with year 1 (middle infants).
    And with the 'saucers'comment - what age groups are we talking about and what is the relevance of that particular word?
    < jumps off high horse quickly >
    So glad you enjoyed the golf.
    x x