Thursday 20 September 2018


Good morning, everyone.  It was a fair old windy day day yesterday; nothing too bad, just gusty.  I'm down south so I hate to think what it was like further north and we are due to get more and worse over the weekend.  It's a real pattern now and I'm sure we never used to get such storms and so regularly.  Climate change?

Yesterday went according to plan until the evening when a family crisis turned everything topsy turvy but I think it's all settled now.  I hope so anyway! 

Today I plan to pop into town this morning, just for fun really, although there are a few things I want to look for.  On the way back I will stop off at Morrisons for a few bits and bobs before going home to polish up my planning.  Then this evening it is weigh in time.

Have a lovely day, everyone.  :-)


  1. good luck at the weigh-in tonight

  2. Thanks, Diane. I always feel a bit nervous beforehand. :-)

  3. Oh those unexpected family crisis that pop up just when you think everything is going well! Glad it is sorted - hope all is well.
    The weather here in Scotland is blustery on the Mull but from what we hear (and we only have the radio - no TV) it has been bad further round the bay from us - some have no power and the children were not allowed to walk home - I think some schools might have closed. It is calm here this morning, might even get into the garden.
    Have a good day x

  4. They do happen from time to time, don't they? All is well now, all sorted.

    I'm very glad you weren't badly affected by the wind. Some places had has it really badly, haven't they?