Saturday 15 September 2018


Belated good morning to everyone.
I find I have a window of time while Mum is asleep, Dad is reading the paper and the hotpot dinner is merrily bubbling away on the hob so guess who I thought of?  You!

It's a delightful autumn day again after some rain overnight and I'm planning to go 'round the block' for a bit of exercise this afternoon.  I'm more or less managing swimming every alternate day now (apart from when I am here with my parents) and having a little stroll around gives me some more gentle exercise on the other days.  I'm so hoping those shoes will be just the ticket for these strolls around.

Learning how to use the bus (thanks, Alex) has opened up my world.
As I mentioned in a comment yesterday, I've discovered that the bus goes through Coggeshall on the way to Colchester.  Free transport and no parking worries has to be a good thing.  OK, the journey is twice as long (in time terms) but it is a pleasant drive and it's nice to have someone else doing the work.  I can catch up on my reading!
So I'll definitely be back there before long.

I could also go on to Colchester which I really don't know at all yet.  I've only ever been to Colchester for courses so will need to do some 'research' first but it could be fun.
Ditto for Maldon and 'Sarfend' - a walk down the pier and the train back would be great and I'd love to go back to the Seaworld place.

Exciting times!


  1. Colchester has a lovely castle. It's right in the middle of the town centre and there are some wonderful gardens to walk in and beautiful flowers. I love the castle. It's wonderful to take a sandwich and just sit. Beautiful! Plenty of shops too if that's your thing!

  2. That's exactly the sort of thing I like to do - thanks, Sharon. The castle sounds great and it's now on my list!