Saturday 1 September 2018


Good morning, everyone.  Aren't we having lovely weather at the moment - round here we are, anyway.  Warm but not hot, cooler mornings and evenings and a gentle breeze a-blowing.  It makes walking to the shops very pleasant.  I've always been very lazy about walking to the shops which are so close it's almost a sin to take the car but I'm trying to get off my backside a bit more.  I did it twice yesterday.  Once to Morrison's and then, later on, to a different shop for someone else.  All in all it made thirty minutes of extra foot power which has to be good, surely?

For once, yesterday wasn't a rush round.  Usually I dash around tidying up before the cleaner arrives - and no, that's not as daft as it sounds.  I want my cleaner to clean, not tidy up, and if there's mess all over, she can't clean properly, so I do like to give her a clear run.  I feel guilty enough about having a cleaner (although not guilty enough to stop having her!!!) without her having to clear up after me too!
However, as Jackie was round her yesterday, I made an effort to keep the place - downstairs, anyway - as tidy as it usually is so it was OK yesterday.

Today is a quiet day.  I think I shall find an excuse to walk to the shop again, or at least around the block or down the road, especially as the weather looks promising.  Have a lovely Saturday wherever you are and whatever you have planned.


  1. Good morning. Yes such lovely weather. I retired in July after over 40 years teaching so September is feeling really strange! Am having a go at sorting out the garden, healthy eating, more exercise and catching up with friends. Fingers crossed.

  2. I am also a retired teacher.Retirement is great.Please have a look at my blog .No one seems to be leaving comments so I may give up.

  3. We're a great type, us teachers!

    Frinny, it will feel strange for a time. We're so used to timetables and meetings and planning and so on that when they stop it's like a permanent summer holiday for a while.
    I'd say look around for new things to do, maybe things you always said you'd like to do except that there's no time. Holidays are a lot cheaper once the kids are back, as we know. You will love it. Are you doing any supply?

    Beejay (is that your name?), I'll take a look. Don't give up, keep going, people will start visiting and commenting, I am sure.


  4. I understand what you mean about tidying up for the cleaner - it's not as daft as it sounds!

    Hope you have a good weekend x