Tuesday 18 September 2018


Good morning, everyone.
It was positively hot yesterday afternoon, hot enough for me to put the fan on for a time.  How daft is that - one week the heating is clicking on and a few days later the fan is on.  It's supposed to be lovely and warm again today with none of the rain and high wind forecast for the north.

When I got home yesterday, my new walking shoes were waiting in my 'safe place'.  I opened the box with some trepidation; it's been a long time since I ordered shoes that aren't wider fitting (thank you, Hotter).  They felt a bit restrictive when I put them on but half an hour of wearing them showed me that they were extremely comfortable and supportive so I'm very happy about that.

I had also ordered a small, very cheap backpack that was advertised as waterproof (but I bet it won't be).  It's not all that strong and will fold into a small, zip up bag thingy but perfect for what I want right now.  It has a safe, zip up pocket and is more than big enough to hold water, a picnic and the various bits and bobs that would usually be in my handbag.

So I'm all set for a bit of exploration in my life now!  It's back to Coggeshall (on the bus) on Thursday, I think, weather permitting, to test it all out while looking at the remains of the Abbey and then on to St. Peter's Church which is supposed to be well worth a visit.

Apart from that excitement, it was a normal Monday with tuition (seeing some super progress) and then, in the evening, ironing (all done now).

Today Alex comes for his not-Christmas lunch.  The vegetables are all prepped (apart from the peas), the stuffing has defrosted, the pigs are ready for roasting, the cranberry sauce was made yesterday and the chicken is in the slow cooker on a bed of carrots, celery and onion with some bay leaves and a bit of water.
I've not cooked a chicken in the slow cooker before but I've heard it can be very flavoursome and tender and, of course, I don't have to keep watching it, so I'm looking forward to the results. 

Apart from that, there's tuition and Beth is round after work but we are having a simple meal of beans on toast, maybe cheesy beans, followed by fruit.  I have a lot of pears to eat today as they are starting to ripen now.  We'll probably also go to the allotment to harvest stuff - there must be a lot by now.
I think I will get on with the tuition planning now so it is off my mind and by the time I am washed and dressed, the house should be smelling great.

Have a lovely day, whatever the weather.


  1. It was a beautiful day here yesterday but it is blowing hard this morning

  2. Morning Joy. It was warm here too yesterday, very windy indeed during the night, still quite windy now and was raining when I got up, although it's stopped now. How lovely that your grandson wants to spend so much time with you - mind you, it's not surprising when he gets such a lovely home cooked lunch! Enjoy your day.

  3. It's getting up here as well, Diane, and it's cloudy. Fingers crossed that it improves later.

    They say what the way to a man's heart is, don't they? Alex does love his roast dinners, bless him, and I'm glad to provide one now and again, when I can.
    I hope the wind isn't too bad.

  4. Had a lovely day here in Scotland today - a walk along the beach - everything was quite calm, then the heavens opened and we had to rush back to the car - then it cleared again when we were soaked!
    We are bracing ourselves for the storm and gales here tomorrow - hope the forecast is wrong.