Friday 21 September 2018


Good morning.

I intended to mention the bathroom plans yesterday and forgot, so here goes.  It's a very small room, my bathroom is, and I did um and ah about turning it into a wet room but decided not to in the end.  Matt the plumber has sourced a shorter bath that is just 120cm in length and which will tuck in nicely beside the loo.  To be honest, I will miss my nice big corner bath but I no longer need the extra width for comfort (yay) so it will work fine and be far more economical with water.  At right angles to the bath will be a vanity unit and sink and then a bit of floor to ceiling storage which means I can repurpose the wicker baskets I use at present for loo rolls, soap, etc, and it will make it all so much less cluttered.  By the door I will have a floor to ceiling heated towel rail thingy.  Ceiling spots and an extractor fan will finish it off nicely.  All I now have to do is choose tiles and floor covering and Matt will do the rest, project managing everything.  Quite apart from the fact that he's a jolly nice chap with an excellent local reputation, it's great to be supporting a local business - and I taught his daughter (now at uni) in Year 1!
I think it's going to be lovely when it's all done (next Spring).

My trip into town turned out to be 'productive'  i.e. I produced my debit card and came home with a bag of things.  You might remember I went into town about a fortnight ago to look at clothes for the winter and came back with good ideas.  Well, today I did an M&S shop, coming back with three jumpers and a cardigan but the biggest and best thing was that I had to get medium sizes.  I don't mind saying now that this time last year I was XXL or more so I'm thrilled to bits!

I also bought a watch.  I've needed one for ages but they've not been comfortable on my - er - generous sized wrist and that annoyed me.  Well, the one I bought yesterday fits a dream and it's pretty as well, I think.

And when I went to Slimming World in the evening, I had lost a pound and a half since last week which, with last weekend away, was a great relief.  AFter a summer of ups and downs, more ups than downs, I have now got back to where I was around June and it will be back into unexplored waters with the next loss.

Today is adventure day - sort of.  Bus into town, bus out to Coggeshall, a good wander around with plenty of photos and a picnic and then home again, jiggity -jog - or maybe I mean bumpity-bump!!
No tuition so the whole day is mine.  Fingers crossed for the weather which looks OK as far as I can tell at the moment.  If it does pour with rain it's no problem.  I will simply go another day instead. 

Well, I'd better get started.  There's a few things to tidy away to help the cleaner and I have a backpack to pack.  Fingers crossed for a good day - for us all.


  1. I need a man like your bathroom man instead of the idiot who writes things down and then doesn't order them. Have a good day in Coggleshall I must get there sometime

  2. We're both in bathroom planning mode! Have you tried out the shorter bath? I only ask because I had one installed in a previous house and the shorter bath was the most uncomfortable thing ever. It still had the same curve at the end opposite the taps as a full sized bath but the saving in length meant that it was impossible to lie down in the bath. In theory I should have been able to as I'm so short but the reality was that a long leisurely soak became a thing of the past. Nobody had mentioned this before it was installed and it hadn't occurred to me, so I hope you don't mind me mentioning it.

  3. Your bathroom will be lovely when finished and the guy sounds on the ball which is what you need as having a main bathroom out of action for any length of time is no joke!
    Congratulations on your weight loss - you deserved a treat and the watch is very pretty.
    Hope you get your day out and no rain - it is sunny here after a night of rain and a bit breezy again - but will try the garden again today, there will be a sheltered spot somewhere.

  4. I'm delighted with your weigh in; I find I’m anticipating Thursdays, or rather Fridays when you report back and holding my breath for you!
    I'm even more impressed now you've shared what an amazing difference in size you've achieved.
    It must be so encouraging to you and you are obviously now doing the fun things of buying new clothes and backpack etc.
    Your watch is lovely.
    The best thing of all is that your diet seems such a generous one.