Tuesday 1 May 2018


The traditional bit - a pinch and a punch and, as it is May 1st, White Rabbits as well!

Good morning.  It ain't 'alf cold this morning and I've just whizzed out to cover my strawberries with a fleece because the skies are clear and it only takes a touch of frost.  That happened last year and I lost some fruit.  Mind you, clear skies could mean sunshine.  I do hope so, a bit of bright weather would be cheering.

Well, I did it - I joined the Nuffield gym for a year and I have my first 'health MOT' tomorrow early morning.
You'd not believe it though - do you remember I said a while ago that I keep meeting school folk in 'significant' places?  The last three times I was in hospital, I met someone whose children I had taught (separate someones, I mean).  Well, yesterday, out came a young lady to show me round and do the introductory spiel, we shook hands and she said something like 'I wondered if it was you - you're Mrs Clark from NS (name of school), aren't you?'  It turns out not only was she in the choir, I had her younger brother in my class.  I remembered him but not her and I'd never have recognised her.  So we got on very well and had a great chat as she showed me round.
You couldn't make it up, could you?

I think I will pop down early morning today and have a gentle swim.  Got to start somewhere and I promise I will be careful and not push things too much.  I'm so looking forward to it.

One nice thing that I only realised yesterday - when you are a member, you can use any of their gyms.  There just happens to be one in Letchworth where I often go to stay with Mum and Dad so that's really good.

Before I went to the gym, I had a wander round Matalan and came out with clothes.  It's so lovely to be in 'normal range' sizes, it opens up a world of choice.  I didn't get loads but I am mindful that if all goes to plan I will be needing summer clothes at a time when they are stocking the autumn clothes - not terribly helpful really.  So, no, I can't wear them yet but I will do before the end of summer.

I was brave after my bath and took off one of my small 'dressings' - that's what they called them but really they are just plasters.  I knew the incisions were small but the one I looked at was minute!  All was well, it was totally dry, 'glued' together rather than stitched and all healing up nicely so I popped another plaster over and left the other three in place.  I'll give them more time and then remove them completely, maybe at the weekend.

Isn't the internet wonderful?  I mentioned a while ago that when I tidied up my bedroom drawers I found a  simple little silver ring with a garnet that now fits on my finger again.  The trouble was, the silver was so tarnished and silver polish is expensive.  Yesterday I found this hint on Facebook, looked it up and now I have a lovely, shiny ring.   Watch this.  I did the first bit but watch the second method too.  Amazing!

Then I looked up about gold for my engagement ring, found out what to do and now that's all shiny and gorgeous again.  It still only fits on my little finger but it'll go on my fourth finger (right hand!) soon, I am sure of that.

I also did three loads of washing so, for a nice easy day, I managed to pack quite a lot in!

Today's diary page is absolutely empty.  Apart from that gentle swim, that's it!  If it stays fine, I might attack the middle bed in the garden.  All the white bells are up and out and, as I'm trying to get rid of them (an endless task, like bindweed and ground elder), I can dig them up while I know what I'm digging up..  I also have some thyme to plant and maybe I will put together the cage for the blueberries as well.  As long as I don't lift anything heavy, I should be OK with that.

Have a great day, whatever you have planned.


  1. I'm away at the moment but as soon as I get home I’ll send the jam recipe.
    Have a lovely day. Sue.

  2. That's brilliant, thanks, Sue. You have a great day too.
    J x

  3. I clean all my jewellry with an old toothbrush and a tiny bit of toothpaste - both silver and gold come up a treat using that method. Anyone else use this method?

  4. Must try this too, next time I need to. Thanks very much.
    J x