Tuesday, 15 May 2018


Good morning.  Yesterday was lovely and sunny for moist of the day but it never really warmed up much and in the afternoon, when it clouded over a bit, it felt positively chilly.  Today looks positive according to the forecast.  Wall to wall sunshine and warmth as well.  Good-oh!

Yesterday flowed very nicely - there was quite a lot to do but it all flowed really well without any rushes or last minute panics.
The drive home from Mum and Dads was free of hold-ups or problems and when I walked into my home I was delighted to see that the seeds are sprouting and now I have baby runners, courgettes, baby corn, etc.  Because they are a bit late, It is nice to see them coming along speedily.  Out in the garden I now have loads of baby strawberries, untouched by any frost, and at last the delphinium is coming up (the first shoots were snail fodder).
It was nice to get into school again after some weeks away and also lovely to get back to tuition.

I was pleased to see that the additional meds seem to have done the trick with the bp - it was down to within the normal range yesterday after three days of no measuring because of being away.  I'll continue to monitor it, of course, and I'm taking nothing for granted, but I feel encouraged.

Today is a busy one too.  Well, sort of busy, anyway.
First of all I have to go across town to pick up a parcel that arrived over the weekend and which needs a signature (I wonder what it is).  When I've done that, I'm off to the allotment for a couple of hours of hard work.  After that I am booked into an aqua class so I'll get there a bit early, do some upping and downing, take the class, relax with some more upping and downing, spend a bit of time in the spa and then smarten myself up for tuition.
So, yes, just 'sort of' busy.

It's going to be good!


  1. Sounds like a really nice day on the cards, Joy. Well done on the BP....which reminds me, I haven't taken mine recently. Mine's always lower at home (pretty much in the normal range) than it is at the GP's - bit of 'white coat' syndrome going on with me, I think (they agree! Although if I didn't take the BP meds, I dare say it would be up).

    We have husband's cardiac rehab class this morning, I'm looking forward to the talk today, wonder what it'll be about this week?

    Enjoy your aqua class, and try not to work too hard at the allotment!

  2. I am sure white coat syndrome plays a big part in all of this and it's good that the medical profession recognises this. I was pleased that my GP recognised and acknowledged my home measurements at my last appt. Common sense prevailing!
    Have a good time at class. I'll enjoy reading about it later. :-)
    J x

  3. Good to see your bp is settling down, long may it continue.

  4. Thanks, Diane and Annabeth. I was really pleased about the bp and it was about the same yesterday (Tuesday) too. Great!