Friday 4 May 2018


Good morning, everyone.

What a lovely day it turned out to be yesterday although I was glad I'd dashed out early morning with my fleece to cover my strawberries as there was a bit of a frost.  I don't know whether it would have touched the plants, you never know.  I covered them again overnight but it seems much milder, there's some high cloud cover and no frost!

The morning was spent at the Riverside shopping centre.  A bit of a trawl around Home Bargains and Matalan first and then into the gym pool.  I did 15 mins of up, down, up, down before the aqua class started which was really good and I felt I had a thorough work out, even though I didn't push myself too hard.  I finished off with another up, down session before ten minutes in the spa (lovely and hot) and a shower.
I was expecting to be quite sore this morning but, although my muscles are sort of 'buzzing', actually I'm fine.  Great!

When I got home I did a couple of loads of washing as it was a gorgeous drying day and did the ironing in the evening so my conscience was clear.

Today starts with swimming.  I've just heard that my cleaner is poorly so that won't happen today but things are OK and it won't hurt me to run a duster and sweeper round the place.  Then, assuming sun and warmth, I shall sit out in the garden and be lazy - I won't have any excuse to take life easy soon so I'm making the most of it while I can!  The only remaining issue is that I'm still a bit 'windy' and maybe that's a result of the op but it causes no real problems.

And in the last fortnight I have lost 7lbs so a very happy start to the day!


  1. Morning Joy, wow 7lbs is EXCELLENT! (I'm so jealous lol). Yes have a sit down in the sun, will do you good. As regards the windyness, when husband had an op a few years ago (I forget what for, he's had a few!), he was told by the surgeon that they blow the patient up with air when they cut them open, it makes more room inside and thus easier for them to see and move things around. Whether that's true or he was just pulling OH's leg, I don't know!

  2. So glad you are doing well with the weight loss - I could do to copy your example.
    Right now, Joy, I can't access my own blog, nor my emails. My computer was returned yesterday and I had a new router installed, but within a couple of hours the problem returned. I can access others' blogs, but not my own, nor can I send or receive emails. Most frustrating until we can find the cause of this problem. Others can access my blog, no problem, it's just me!
    Hey, the cleaning will be good exercise, ha ha!
    Re swimming, I'm hopeless in the water, but grandson, not yet five, had his first swimming lesson yesterday and loved it.
    Margaret P

  3. Congratulations on the weight loss. Have you noticed a change in your energy levels, although maybe you won't until you have fully recovered from the op and all that preceded it.

  4. Thanks, all.
    Sooze - you're doing really well on your own account, aren't you? And yes, That's right, they do inflate you and the air has to go somewhere. I have four diddy incisions. One for the camera, two for the surgeon to work through and one to inflate me.

    Margaret, what an utter pain for you. Do you have someone you can ask to help you work it all out?
    I post about my meals on another blog, The Frugal Factor, if you are interested ( no worries if you're not!)
    Well done, grandson. It's such an important skill.

    Eileen - yes, my energy levels are definitely up and I'm gradually relaxing after meals instead of worrying that it might hurt. It's all great right now.

    J x

  5. Again, there is an obscene site attached to your blog.

  6. I know. I'm really sorry about that but Blogger isn'#t interested. It's a right pain.
    J x