Wednesday 2 May 2018


Good morning, everyone.  It appears to be dry out there although it has rained a little overnight but yesterday was gloriously sunny, if not all that warm.  Such a change from the weekend and a very welcome one too.  Sadly, the forecast for today is not good - rain, rain and more rain - but after today it looks as if it is going to brighten up considerably.  Let's hope so.

I got my act together and went swimming early yesterday morning.  Very nice it was too, slowly up and down, up and down, stopping myself from pushing it too much, followed by ten minutes in the jacuzzi.  It helped the aches too, they were much better after all that stretching.

I was so cross with my iron yesterday.  As I was ironing a skirt (navy pattern on a white background) it decided to spit brown gunk over it!  Grrr.  So I threw it back into the washing machine.  It (the iron) then behaved itself while I ironed some darker stuff and then, would you believe, as I started on a white T shirt, it did the same again!  How did it know?
To be fair, the iron was long overdue for a descale and a plate clean, which it has now had, but all the same, grrrrrrr!

I'm off to my health check at the gym this morning.  I'll talk about that in a separate post so, if I am boring you rigid with all this natter about getting healthy, you can just ignore me!  :-)  I have to have nil by mouth (as they say) for two hours before so I'm grabbing a very early coffee now and that's it until I get home again.

Apart from that, I have a free morning but this afternoon two dear friends are coming round for a good old gossip over coffee and (for them) biscuits (posh ones from Morrisons.  I'm really looking forward to it - we all get on well and always have plenty to chat about so it should be great fun.

May your day be great fun too and stay dry!


  1. We have wind and rain and it is freezing here this morning. I am beginning to get cheesed off with this it is time for some warmth, not heat you understand just warmth.

  2. I totally understand, Diane. Fortunately, after today, BBC weather shows unlimited sunshine for a number of days to come. Fingers crossed, eh?
    J x