Monday 7 May 2018


Good morning, everyone.  Wasn't it a glorious day.  Today looks like being similar too which is great for all those who are able to take the bank holiday.  My sincere thanks and appreciation to those essential services for whom bank holidays are a dream, something that other people have.

All those flowers!!

Yesterday was great.  By mid morning I was feeling fine again so I went into the garden and blitzed everything that needed doing, weeds, paving, sweeping, clearing the bulb leaves and so on (maybe too early but I was fed up with the mess), after which I sowed some seeds.  All being well, I/we should have
yellow courgettes
baby corn
chilli peppers
gardeners' delight tomatoes
sungold tomatoes
runner beans (white and red)

The courgettes, corn and cucumber are for the allotment.  Some of the beans and tomatoes might be, depending on space.

I sowed some runner beans in the ground but, if they don't come up as they didn't last year, I have more in pots to replace them.  If they do come up, we can have some down the allotment as well.
Now it's a case of keeping them alive.

I have a number of blueberry flowers on one plant but not so many on the other - yet.  They are different types so maybe that's why.  There's lots of growth on the tayberry so fingers crossed this year and the strawberries are looking fantastic.  The autumn raspberry is sending out strong leafage but I don't expect that much fruit this year as it's the first year.

Also the herbs are coming on well and I'm already picking them.  Also the plant that I think is a passion flower and which died back over winter is sending up several shoots.  It didn't get anywhere last year: maybe it will this.  If that's what it is, of course.  If not, I shall see what it turns into.

Now I've cleared the middle bed, the flowers are coming on.  Two strong clumps of pinks and the phlox candystripe is spreading nicely, the irises have spread a bit and, as usual, I had to dig out several spreading clumps of the Japanese anemone.  I've lost the two fuschias in pots but the one in the bed is sending up growth while something is coming up near where I've planted the runners - not sure what but it isn't a weed.

I nearly threw these out last year because they were all leaf and no flowers.  I'm glad I didn't; they're one of my favourite flowers!

Not bad for a little garden with minimal growing space.

Today it is swimming followed by a rest and then Beth and I are allotmenteering pm.  I think we need to get the potatoes in today and I'm hoping that she can fork over the soul and then I can sit and clear the weeds from the rest of the big patch.  There's bound to be weeds on what has already been dug over and I will either dig them out or hoe them down, depending on what they are.  The potatoes have sprouted well or is that 'chitted' well?  If there's any left, they will go in bags in my garden like last year.

Should be a good day and I'll probably sleep most of the evening!  :-)  What are your bank holiday plans?


  1. Good morning, Joy. I was unable to sleep, so as you were posting on your blog I was making my first pot of coffee of the day, it's now 5.35 am, and as you say, it looks set to be another lovely day. We spent much of yesterday either in the garden or the summerhouse. I've not been able to do much gardening as my arthritis prevents that, but I do tidy up, sweep the path, empty and re-fill pots, etc. And also husband has been cleaning up (renovating, not just washing down) the steamer chairs as we have lovely new cushions for them and I can't wait to see them back in the garden, under the walnut tree, but looking much better than they were.
    Your produce looks great, and I just love those lily of the valley. I must get some to grow in a pot, what a good idea!
    You sound really well, which is absolutely great. Enjoy Bank Holiday Monday.
    Margaret P

  2. Hi, Margaret. You have a walnut tree - how lovely. Does it produce many nuts? I read somewhere that the flies don't bother you under a walnut tree, but that might be a myth. :-)
    I'm sure your garden furniture will look fantastic. I just have one recliner which I use a lot, plus a plastic chair and some of those fold up 'picnic' chairs when needed. Not lovely but they do the trick!
    I'm sorry you're not able to do as much gardening as you would wish but it sounds as if you do plenty of useful stuff.
    I am feeling well, thanks. Better than I've felt for ages, in fact.
    J x

  3. Wow, you have been busy. You have more energy than me and you're recovering from an op - you put me to shame! Glad to hear that you're over the tummy upset.

  4. enjoy your busy but nice day

  5. Thanks, Diane and Eileen. I think being pain free (from the gall bladder) has made a big difference and I have just been very lucky that everything seems to have gone smoothly. It's a relief to have got the garden under control again - it was frustrating me.
    J x

  6. Glad you're feeling better! Looked like you ended up having a totally productive day!

  7. It was good, thanks, Sharon.
    J x

  8. We have had wonderful crops from our walnut tree over the 32 year we have lived here, Joy, but for the last two years, nothing at all, but we blame the squirrels for that! There were nuts on the tree and next, nothing! They had stripped the tree of nuts. But then, we have the supermarket. Our tree is their supermarket, we can't blame them!
    But they are very nice nuts, smaller than the ones you buy in the shops, but lovely when fresh off the tree. And no, I don't do pickled walnuts. You have to pickle them when they're in their husk and they are too high to reach (not that we'd want to pickle them anyway.)
    Margaret P

  9. Hi Joy, good to see that you made the most of your Bank holiday too in the garden plot. Your strawberries and blueberries are at the same stage this year. Happy growing and eating.