Saturday 5 May 2018


Good morning, everyone.  Wasn't it a gorgeous spring day yesterday, so sunny and comfortably warm too.  Really good  for sitting out with a cold drink and my kindle.

After swimming yesterday (early morning swimming is lovely) I came home and finished clearing out all my bedding.  I'd forgotten just how much I have which was a bit embarrassing but the plus side is that apart from some new quilt covers for the guest room, I won't be needing any other bedding, probably for the rest of my life!.  Some hadn't been used for ages so I popped those items in the washing machine for a quick 15 minute freshen up before drying them in the sunshine.  Some is very old now so that's being recycled.

In the afternoon I thoroughly spoilt myself.  I made a delicious strawberry, blueberry and rhubarb slushy and reclined in the garden with my kindle.  Bliss.

I have a friend whose other half works in a local mill and gets flour at cost price.  Yesterday she brought round some wholemeal, white and spelt strong flours so now I am well set for bread making.  Excellent.  Now I need to find people who need bread.  :-)

After that, Dave came round bearing gifts.  He had bought me a Blue-ray player which was lovely of him and he has lent me his Star Trek boxed sets - Next Gen, Voyager and Deep Space 9.   So guess what I will be doing on and off today and certainly while I am ironing the quilt covers I didn't get done yesterday.  How lucky am I?
I wonder if they have boxed sets of the original series.  Must look and maybe treat.

I have no hard and fast plans for today so will just wing it.  It is promising to be another lovely day so I guess the garden will feature mightily in what I do.  I think I will get the ironing done now, before popping off to swimming to start at eight.  After that, who knows.  The world is my oyster as they say!


  1. Love the Next Gen! Couldn't get into Voyager or DS9, although husband loved them.

    We're having a sort out this between sit downs in the garden. So nice to have several days in a row (and on a bank holiday weekend!) of sunshine and dryness. And no wind! Won't be going out anywhere though - sunshine and a bank hol weekend means everywhere will be packed...the perils of living in a holiday area. Enjoy your day, Joy.

  2. You too, Sooze. A shame round your way will be so packed. We have a gentle breeze here but it's delightfully warm and sunny. Have a lovely day and enjoy the sorting out - it's a great feeling when it is all done.
    J x

  3. Hi Joy,

    Hope you have a lovely, restful day.

    Isn't it amazing how a change in the weather can make such a difference to our moods? I live in Tynemouth and my flat has a terrace that looks out on to the North Sea. Perishing in winter, of course, but I'm just sitting here with my Kindle and a glass of wine and I feel wonderful in the spring warmth. Of course, if I stray into the village, I'll no doubt be livid with the crowds, but who can blame families and young people for wanting a day at the beach after such a miserable few months?

    Anyway, big hug and enjoy your dayxx

  4. Totally agree. I'm planning a visit to Hyde Hall tomorrow. It'll be crowded but that's OK.
    Enjoy your wine.
    J x