Wednesday, 2 May 2018

Health check

Well, it seemed very thorough although what do I know - I've never had one before.

One shock, a couple of pleasant surprises, mostly as expected and it's nice to have confirmation that my scales are spot on.

So . . .
BP taken twice, the second was a lot lower than the first but still too high.  I'd already told him about the BP issue and that it is being followed up.
Blood sugar levels are very good.
Cholesterol has shot down.  Normal is below 5 and mine was 5.01.  That's a huge change from before Christmas and I was really pleased.
Weight and BMI as expected.  No surprises.
Waist to hip ratio wasn't great but I know that's improved because now I HAVE a waist!
Lifestyle questions - smoking, alcohol, water, caffeine, sleep, etc - came out well.  No need to change anything.
There was one important test he couldn't do because just where he needed to place a gizmo is still covered by my dressings.  No problem, I will have that done next time.

The one surprise was my height.  I'm 5'4" but came out an inch smaller.  Posture, I bet, I will stand better.  I refuse to be any smaller and I don't think I am old enough to be shrinking.

I went through my diet at the moment and my plans for using the facilities, sticking to swimming at first and then moving on to perhaps other exercise in due course.  To my surprise he thought it was all fine and had no further suggestions to make at present.

I shall have another one in three months (it's part of membership perks) when I hope the graphs will show a downward trend, especially the BP one.  Fingers crossed.

So it was all very helpful and affirming.  Phew.


  1. That's great news Joy, and with the positive steps you are taking you are sure to see even more improvement next time. X

  2. Thanks, Jules. I'll do my darndest anyway!
    J x