Tuesday, 22 May 2018


Good morning.  I thought we might have a bit of rain overnight but I don't think we did.  It would have helped but never mind.

Yesterday's meeting went on longer than I expected but it was a very, very good meeting and I think we were all pleased with how much got covered.

When I popped into the staffroom just before the 'nanny helping'; in FS, everyone was going on about how I was 'fading away' (ha ha - I wish) and as I walked back to the car, another friend stopped her car as she was leaving the car park to wow at my weight loss.  I think it's the contrast really because there's still quite a lot of chubbiness still to lose, plus the fact that I wasn't out and about all that much when I was losing the weight because of feeling rotten quite a lot of the time.

Things seem to be plateauing rather at the moment and two meals out this week isn't helping but never mind.  I might go back on the liver shrinking diet for a week or so to kick start it all again.  They did warn me that things would be up and down after the op and I am exercising a lot more plus a change in medication but by now things should be stabilising again.  Fingers crossed.

Today is busier than yesterday.
I'm not missing my swimming again so I'm going when the gym opens at 6:30 and it will be up, down, up, down for an hour.
Then it's home for breakfast and to iron my hair decent again before popping out with a friend to visit a school (she's visiting, I'm accompanying)
After that it is straight back home because the lovely Sharon is coming to work wonders with my hair.
I should have a quick hour to have lunch before tuition and not long after that I am meeting friends down the Hare for a meal out.
I should sleep well tonight!

Thankfully, tomorrow is easier (during the day, anyway).


  1. Yo are so busy, Joy, which is amazing, so soon after your surgery. So glad you are feeling so much better.
    Margaret P.

  2. Thanks, Margaret. Truly, I haven't felt so well for a very long time. It's brilliant.
    J x