Thursday, 17 May 2018


Morning, everyone.  Wasn't it c-c-cold yesterday?  I actually turned on the heating which is daft for the middle of May, really stupid, in fact.  My student turned up in winter coat and woolly hat!  No wonder the runner beans I planted outside are refusing to come up!

I didn't do half the things I had planned yesterday
Yes, I did my hour's swimming but it was late because I'd received an email from eBay telling me someone had tried to change the email address I had with them.  Well, I hadn't, so I spent the next hour or so having an online conversation with someone who couldn't see why I couldn't log in and sort it out.  I haven't used eBay for years and have totally forgotten all my details.
In the end I sent a message to them and goodness knows when they will see it and respond,. asking them to just close my account.
I rushed off to swimming to work off the tension this generated and it wasn't until I had ploughed furiously up and down for half an hour that I remembered that even if someone does have access to my account, they won't get very far as any details I have there are very old and very out of date.
I've changed my email password anyway and will keep an eye on my bank account and if the emails were scams, I didn't give away any more details than the obvious and unsecret ones - I wasn't asked to, which makes me think it was genuine.  But how can you tell?

I was worn out after swimming and it was so cold that I didn't do any allotment stuff so I really MUST do some today or Beth will hit the roof (no, not really, but she would be entitled to).

I popped into school to do my Y1 reading duty and half an hour later I popped home again because it obviously wasn't going to happen what with one thing and another (observations, etc).  Instead, I had some nice chats with friends/ex-colleagues and got invited to a dinner out next Wednesday.

Tuition went as normal and I had a lovely coffee and chat with my friend over the road early evening.

So a mixed day but, all in all, a good one!

Today is not as busy, thankfully.  Aqua at 9:45, allotment after that and no cancelling today unless it actually rains and then the time's my own until tuition.  I might even get some housework/ironing done; the ironing particularly is essential as my basket is fuller than it has been for a long while.  Hopefully there will be no security hassles today!

Fingers crossed!


  1. Are you sure the email was genuine? I receive bogus emails purporting to be from eBay/PayPal all the time.

  2. No, I am not, but I got in touch via conventional way rather than by clicking on a link so it should be OK, plus I changed passwords, etc.
    And they couldn't use any bank details I left on there anyway because they are so out of date it is ridiculous. Shows how long ago I last used eBay!

  3. I had problems with ebay recently when my home address was changed by someone hacking into my account. I didn't get a notification of the change so didn't realise until two purchases were dispatched but not delivered. I only picked up on the change of address when I raised a query to say I hadn't received the items I'd paid for. I changed my address back and chose a new password and haven't had any problems since, but didn't get any help from ebay - I also phoned and ended up with a very unhelpful person who couldn't seem to grasp the problem and kept saying that if I'd put the wrong address of course I couldn't receive the goods!! Luckily, both items were less than £5 each so it didn't break the bank.

    I hope the weather is kind to you so you can get your work done on the allotment.

  4. Goodness, what a muddle - I'm glad you didn't lose much. I'm going to keep a close eye on my bank account and whinge to the bank if I need to. I can most certainly live without eBay! :-)

  5. Touch wood I have had no problems but I do get loads of emails from PayPal etc which are rubbish

  6. Whenever I get a suspicious email I use the 'reply' button so I can see the actual email address. If it's not genuine I can just delete and block the sender.

  7. Never thought of doing that, Annabeth, thanks.

    Diane, I hope that happy state of affairs continues and you never have any hassles.

  8. I’m having problems with you website. If I click on a link or your background, it takes me to a pornographic video site. I enjoy reading your blog and I don’t know if this is your problem or mine. Any advice?

  9. It's this end - and by that I mean Blogger, not my PC. It's a right pain and all I can do is apologise. I have tried to contact Blogger about it and they don't seem to want to reply. All I can say is very, very sorry and it's not all the time, it is an intermittent problem but it is very, very annoying.
    If you shut the problem link down, this blog is still there, behind it and it then doesn't do it again for ages.

  10. Joy, it's often cold in May. I remember in the 1970s and 1980s when our boys were young and one has a birthday at the end of May, and we used to have trips to the Zoo (it was a special occasion treat in those days), taking a picnic and sitting almost frozen in winter coats! But yes, it was cold yesterday, and rainy, when the day before had actually been HOT!
    Oh, wonderful British weather, ha ha!
    Margaret P

  11. You're right, there really was a huge contrast between the two days. It's lovely again now though, thank goodness.

  12. I too am getting the porno site and I just get it by using your side bar blogs.
    Still I am aware now and don't go there.

  13. Oh, dear, I'm so very sorry, everyone. It's such a pain. :-(