Wednesday 16 May 2018


Good morning, everyone.  Welcome to Wednesday which is supposed to be a fine day again, starting with sunshine but then getting hazy later on and not as warm but that's OK.

Yesterday started off with a trip to the parcel office to pick one up.  It was a top I had ordered and I really like it so will be keeping it.  A good start!  Then a popped down to the allotment for a couple of hours of weeding, forking over and watering.  To my delight, the potatoes are starting to come up so we will have to cover them again at the weekend (there's a phrase for that but I can't remember it).  Then I went home for a brief time before aqua class which was good and then it5 was tuition.

When I got home between allotment and swimming, there was a message from a friend opposite me in the cul de sac, so I'll be popping round there at six, after tuition, for coffee and chit chat!  Nice

As well as that, it's another satisfyingly busy day.  I am so enjoying being back to 100% again and being able to do everything without discomfort or pain. 
So today's swim is early morning - the gym opens at 6:30 - followed by more digging.  Then I will come home to iron my hair smooth again before popping off the school to hear readers for the first time in absolutely ages.  Then it's tuition which is all prepared and last of all, that coffee and chat.  I guess I will squeeze my three meals in there somewhere, somehow!

The busier I am, the less I want to snack between meals which is a Very Good Thing.  I'm a shocker for boredom eating and need to either be up and doing or to keep my hands and brain very busy.  Today should be OK though, there's not much time to sit and do nothing.

Hope you have an enjoyable day too.

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