Friday 11 May 2018


Good morning and a Happy Friday to everyone.  After the rain, yesterday cheered up, albeit remaining chilly, and the evening was beautiful.  It looks as if today is going to be sunny - it's a good start anyway.

Yesterday morning, after doing a bit more prepping for the family meal, I trundled off the the surgery.  The doctor was running really late so by the time I saw him, I reckon my bp was higher anyway, just because I had started fretting that maybe I had missed the call or something (it has been known!)  Fortunately, he didn't need to take my bp, he looked at the memory on my monitor thingy instead and agreed that it was lower but still too high.
(He also confirmed that the last blood test was fine and that my cholesterol was back in the normal banding - cheers)

So he's given me another kind of med to go with the ramopril and wants me back in six weeks.

In the chemists, I was ushered into a private room to 'talk' to the pharmacist which I hadn't expected, but it was good.  She chatted to me about what I was doing, made notes about the current problems and told me about a few possible side effects of the new meds.  It was all very helpful, I thought, and it's nice that the medications are being monitored by both GP and pharmacist.  Mind you, what with the lateness plus the extra session, what should have been forty five minutes actually lasted over two hours.  It was lucky I had the time - if |I'd had time off school for that, I'd have been going bananas by then!

Once home, I did more getting ready while the lovely cleaner did her bit so by about 1:00 I had a clean, shiny home that was all ready.

We had a super evening.  Loads food eaten (but not all by me) and there's a comfortably amount of leftovers, some for this weekend and some for the freezer.  I was tired afterwards and, yet again, was extremely grateful for my dishwasher.

Today I will be having an early morning swim before having a bit more of a chill-out day.  Leftovers are on the menu!
Have a super Friday!


  1. Enjoy your swim, I found it very invigorating when I used to have an early morning dip I cam home full of energy.

  2. Wow what great service by the pharmacist! I can't imagine that happening here. As much moaning as people do about the NHS I really miss it. The only thing the pharmacist said to hubby last time he went to pick up his medications was 'your insurance doesn't want you to use us'. Huh? They want him to drive out of the way to pick up his medicine somewhere else. Hubby opted to pay the extra $3 and stay where he was lol