Tuesday 29 May 2018


Good morning!  Thank you for the friendly comments over the weekend.  I love getting them and do my best to reply.

It ended up a very hot and humid day yesterday so, once I got home, I decided to stay close to home and set my own grounds in order.  Firstly I tackled the little front strip which, being extremely sheltered by home and cars, was very dry and hard to fork over but that hadn't stopped a variety of weeds from taking hold.  I think I need to give it a good watering and then have another go in a few days, when the weeds fight back!  There were still some bulb leaves and I pulled them away, reckoning they've had their share of 'saying back' time.

Then it was round the back where it was a lot more rewarding.  Look at this!

It's now ripe and ready - once they get going, they do ripen quickly and there's more following on.  As I feared, the great majority will likely be ready while I am away but I can come to an arrangement with Beth about that!  Interestingly, this is from one of the new plants that only got separated from mummy and planted on its own a few months ago.  Strawberries are most resilient!

As I feared, the tomato plugs came while I was away this weekend, on Friday by the looks of them.  They were in a bad way - two dead and the others dying.  I have gently planted them on and fingers crossed but my hopes are not high.  I'm not having much luck with my tomatoes this year, am I, and am seriously considering a trip to one of our several garden centres today or tomorrow to see if they have any little plants.  Fortunately, Sungold is a popular type so my chances are good.  I simply can't not have enough tomatoes!

I say bad luck, but on the other hand, I have three little tomato plants coming up from tomatoes that dropped and rotted.  I'm encouraging them on but don't know how they will fruit, being second generation.  I'm not relying on them, anyway!

I got the gardener's delights out and they looked very happy this morning, thank goodness.

Then I planted out the runners and they have also grown since yesterday and some have started twining around their supports so they are obviously happy as well.

Finally, after a general weeding and watering, I moved the blueberry pots and put up the cage I bought a number of weeks ago.  Not a great design and it looks very 'clunky' but it was cheap and it will do the job!  I just hope they're OK where I have put them - I'm not sure and might do a bit of general moving around to make space for the pots and cage in a sunnier position.

So - on to today.  I start with an early morning tuition session followed by a bit of pottering before aqua around lunch time (I've missed my swimming - it's been four days without and it's not nice!).  Then I will pop to the allotment. 
So a busy day but a nice one.
Fingers crossed it doesn't rain!


  1. I don't seem to have much luck with strawberries. They never grow. One of our poor tomato plants (someone gave us some they had grown from seed) has died. It was looking very sad when hubby brought it home and despite being good to it I fear it has died. Oh well. I might have to go get some plants too.

  2. ..the strawberries will be absolutely delicious, I am sure! How lovely that you have these to look forward to....
    Must be so much fun growing your own fruit and veg - I hope to be able to do this one day.
    Hope it stayed dried for you - it is ludicrously hot here, just awful.
    Love, S. xxxx

  3. I am a retired teacher in the US and look forward to reading your blog.

  4. Sharon - I'm afraid my strawberries are totally neglected and they thrive on it. There must be a meaning in that somewhere!

    S: it was lovely and I could have eaten dozens (had I had dozens, of course) Fingers crossed for you.

    Diana, lovely to meet you and thanks for leaving a comment.