Friday, 18 May 2018


Morning, all!  Thankfully, after a chilly start, yesterday turned out gloriously sunny and warm but not too warm.  A perfect day.  Also a very energetic day.  I did about 90 minutes of swimming/aqua and it was lovely.  Then I 'ran some errands' as we used to say, before going to the allotment and working there for around four hours. 

The weather was perfect and it was so peaceful.  I was really pleased to get the front bed finished and ready for planting and I tackled the middle bed which is now well on the way to being ready too.  I know it sounds as if I work very slowly - maybe I do - but I fork over a small area and then I kneel down and go over every bit with my hands, breaking up the clods and removing as many nasty roots and stones as I can find.  What was last year's potato patch didn't get this treatment last year so there's a lot to do but the bit I did last year was a lot easier this time round.  I think it's worth it and saves time later on.  There's quite a lot of nasty, invasive weedy stuff there and I intend to win the war!

We plan to put the baby corn in the front (to go alongside the asparagus and the large patch of potatoes) and the middle bed already has chard and one, solitary potato plant from a potato we obviously missed last year (I've left it there for now as it's obviously a survivor)!  We intend to put courgettes, cucumber, mange tout peas and probably a couple of wigwams of runner beans.  Not a very wide range, I know, but we're aiming mostly for veg that is more expensive (or not so nice shop-bought, like the runners).

To coin a phrase, potatoes are popping out all over while the asparagus only has three out of ten plants doing anything much, but it will be a few years before we can pick anything there anyway and we are acting in faith that things are going on below soil level.

Three of the five new little strawberry plants that seemed to have died are sending up leafage so, while we may not get fruit from them this year, we will next year.  Three of the raspberry canes are also not doing anything yet but we live in hopes and won't be replacing them quickly.

I came home with a bag of rhubarb so will have to organise something with that.  The freezer for now, I guess, although I will make some more cordial as that went down a real treat and I might also have a go at rhubarb liqueur with either gin or vodka.

Today I'll be going with the mower as the grass is a disgrace to any self respecting allotment!

I got home from the allotment in time to clean up, change and then pop out to tuition which went well although my student flaked out towards the end of the session!

Today is a baking day.  I have to make fifty little cakes for a party tomorrow.  Just fairy cakes with toppers, so easy to do, but my will power will be seriously tested, I think.  If I have one, I will have loads, so best not to have any at all!

Later on this afternoon, my solicitor (who does home visits) is coming round to update my will and to start the proceedings for putting a Lasting Power of Attorney in place.  This is something I have been considering for a while.  It seems to be a very sensible thing to do and, while it will be a bit expensive, it's a good move for the future.  Both of my 'children' have agreed to be named so it's all go!  The will is very out of date now and should have been updated ages ago so I will be relieved to get that done too.

The day starts with a good old swim as early as I can drag myself down to the gym and the rest of the time will likely be spent snoozing as I woke ridiculously early today.

Have a great day and may the sun shine on you.


  1. You have way more energy than me ... I feel tired reading all your plans for the day! It sounds like you're making good progress on the allotment so I have my fingers crossed that you have an excellent harvest, with all the appropriate weather in between.

  2. I'm feeling tired now but everything seems to be going well so that's good. Thank you for your good wishes - it's just what we're hoping too. :-)
    J x