Wednesday 23 May 2018


Good morning, everyone.  So the glorious weather continues - at least, it does round here although I gather there have been storms and rain elsewhere.  No such luck here though.

As expected, yesterday was busy, busy, busy although there were rest times in between all the activity!  It was nice to see more potatoes coming up at the allotment and I will soon start trenching them up (I think that's the phrase anyway) and the peas will go in soon.  They are mange tout and the pack is a mixture of types that should keep fruiting for several months which seems like a very good idea!  I need to pot on the courgettes and the outdoor cucumbers  while the runner beans are doing so well they will need putting out soon.  There are spaces at home but there will be plenty left for the allotment as well.

And, great excitement, at home the tayberry that refused to die is sending out flowers in several places while there are blueberry fruit appearing (not on the tayberry though!) and there are loads of little strawberries and  I bet they all ripen while I am on holiday!  Someone-or-other's law.

I rather fancy planting a clematis in a pot I have down the end of the garden.  One with loads of flowers, like Montana or Nelly Moser, both of which are very pretty and will brighten up the area next to the compost bin and take ones eye away from said bin which is hardly a pretty sight.  It's too late for this year but I might very well invest in one for beauty next year.

Getting back to yesterday, my hair is now chopped again, looking a bit short but give it a few weeks and it will be just right.  Tuition was fun, as usual and the evening out was brilliant.  I had the smaller plate salad as planned and couldn't finish it all!

Today looks just as fraught but actually it is less busy.  Early morning swimming again, a trip to the allotment to water the poor plants and, hopefully, to put in an hour's forking and weeding.  This afternoon I am hearing reading in Y1 followed by tuition (all planned) and then, bad me, another meal out, this time with ex-colleagues to say goodbye to someone who is moving on to another job.  She will be sorely missed.  We're going to Zizzi's, easy for parking, and they link some of their meals to 'under 600 calories', not that there's any guarantee that it is accurate, of course, but one can hope.
I have more confidence that I can stick with my good resolutions after last night; being alcohol free helps a lot, of course.

I'm hoping for another lovely day today and that yours is too.


  1. Sounds like another lovely day - you sound happy, too, which is great to hear. Must be a nice feeling to have had your hair cut - reminds me to get mine done, it is way too long.
    The meal out at Zizzi's sounds promising.
    Love the sound of the fruit and veg....
    Have a wonderful day!
    S. xxx

  2. I love Clematis too but never seem to have any success with them. it's a shame. Sounds like you had a good day. Jane xx

  3. Hi, S - it was nice to be pampered but you should see it now I'm just home from swimming. I need to go upstairs and iron it back into shape again!
    Fingers crossed with the f&v - it's always a bit in the lap of the weather gods really.

    Nor do I up till now, Jane, but I now have a pot in an area where the roots will mostly be in shade and the flowers in dappled sunlight so I thought it was worth another go. We will see.

  4. Summer time is time for haircuts again, but then every month is for my boys that both have hair that grows so fast, it is like weeds. My younder son looks like a head of cauliflower when he gets too long, my older looks shaggy, but not as bad as my younger son. So last night after we got home from the pool I asked hubby, “haircuts for the boys tonight? They need them!” He said ok, got out his tooll bag and set out the stool and shop vac. Funny my two usually argue over who goes first, but my younger son volunteered saying he really needs his cut. He likes his kept short, the older really doesn’t care. So hubby plugged in the clippers I bought, but only used once, and gave my youngest his haircut with the longer attachments first working down to the peanut clipper for the sideburns and neckline, then scissors and comb to blend the top with the shorter sides. Much better looking handsome boys. Mom is very picky on how her boys look and I get compliments on how neat their haircuts look by family and friends, so I keep on top of them. Or should I say keep hubby advised on when he needs to do them. Very convenient for me getting them done at home. Hubby trims mine every couple months and picked up doing my mom’s last year after a horrible salon haircut she paid too much for. I have been told I shouldn’t be cheap, take them to the barber and go to the salon. But I don’t have time for that and why should I when I have a hubby that does them when asked on my schedule? I had to take advantage of him but I do have a couple friends that asked if he could cut their hair, and after he had given both haircuts, they now stop by when they want a haircut. They do send gift cards at Christmas and his birthday, so they are not taking advantage of him, but they are saving big bucks.
    We are planting our garden, behind a couple weeks because of the late spring, but the blueberry bushes are loaded with flowers and so are the strawberries. Fruit trees went in last year, so we have at least a couple more years before we expect any yields.