Sunday 20 May 2018


Good morning.  Looks like another lovely day, not too warm yet but gorgeous.  It's almost getting boring but no complaints this end!

Yesterday was lovely but - oh, dear - I overdid the food totally and the weight has shot up.  I probably shouldn't have checked!  Never mind, back on the wagon today and it will settle again - I know it is just temporarily and some retained fluid won't have helped.

It was a lovely party.  Extremely noisy, of course, but the children were well behaved, there were only a few tears, the way the food was done was very clever, I thought, and all in all, they had a super time.  Enough parents stayed to make it all relatively easy to manage.

I was shattered afterwards and went to bed early again.  Unfortunately, I forgot about the little plants I had left outside - forgot to water, forgot to bring in and this morning just about all the sungold tomato seedlings are dead while the gardeners' delights are looking none too healthy either.  I've whizzed online and bought some baby plants to replace the sungolds so fingers crossed.  I was growing them for someone else as well as for me so it's rather a disaster!  How could I be so careless?

Today I am umming and ahing about going swimming.  I think I will because I need to but maybe I won't do a whole hour because I have to do allotment today and maybe Beth is coming as well.  I hope so because there's some heavy stuff to move and I can't do it by myself.

There's no ironing left now, three cheers, but I do have some planning to do for Monday and Tuesday.  Better get started then.  Have a good day!

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