Saturday 19 May 2018


Good morning, everyone.  A lovely sunny day for a wedding, don't you think.  Yesterday was great too, very cheering.

I really pushed myself yesterday at swimming, thinking it was about time I moved up a little notch.  The result was lots of aches and a very early bedtime!

Once home, I made fifty nine little cakes, each with a swirl of butter icing (a shame my old icing bag split half way through and lucky I had another in the cupboard) and forty eight also ended with a little pirate picture topper, that being the party theme.  I'll be taking them down at about 1:30 today.
They took ages, longer than I expected, and my kitchen looked like a bomb site when I had finished.  It's amazing how icing sugar gets everywhere!  It's still a bit messy as I was too zonked to do all that much but it'll get sorted today!

A terrible photo as they are covered with cling film, but you get the idea!

In between cakes, I did some ironing and there's just a bit more to do today (while watching the wedding).  My back ached too much to finish it off yesterday but that's all worn off now and I am fine.

Later on, a lady called Sue came round and we went through my wishes and requirements for my new will and for an Lasting Power of Attorney thingy.  I'm just thankful that my affairs are relatively simple and really shouldn't take too long to sort out.  Selling the house will be the most complicated thing.  I'm really glad things have been set in motion.  The will should have been done a long time ago and the LPA is just sensible really. 

As I mentioned, I was so zonked that I was in bed well before eight and fast asleep soon after and I didn't stir until half past five this morning - nearly ten hours' sleep.  Lovely!

No swimming today, I reckon my body needs a day off.  Not my mind though - I sort out a lot of things while trudging up and down, up and down!  It's a useful time.

After the wedding and the ironing and the sorting-out-the-kitchen, I'm off to a party for a little girl (who absolutely loved her Darcy doll, by the way), taking the cakes with me.  I should get some exercise there and just need to avoid the food - typical little girl party food so that shouldn't be too hard as long as I can resist the crisps.  It was another two pounds off yesterday so that should be an incentive not to go bonkers.

And then I reckon I will be wiped out and get another early night!


  1. Good looking cakes, bet they taste delicious too!

    A beautiful day all round me thinks and I'm off to Ham Wall nature reserve near Glastonbury so will miss the Wedding Brouhaha, oh dear how sad, never mind!! Hope to see Bitterns.

    Have a great day! Axx

  2. Do you ever take a day off? You put me to shame with with your day to day accomplishments. And well done on your latest loss too.
    Enjoy all the celebrations today. The little cakes look lovely. X

  3. Another 2lbs loss - that's brilliant! Well done.

  4. Well done with the will and stuff it is important not to leave a mess. I have to rewrite my will as the circumstances have changed but I sincerely hope that this is the last amendment.

  5. Well, I confess that I did eat one (un-iced) cake) - as you do - and it tasted nice. I think it is very sensible to make them really small as little kids rarely get through a big one!
    Jules, I do have days of - or mornings off, like today. The ironing is nearly done and after that I will have a royal wedding fest!
    Thanks, Eileen, I was relieved to lose a bit after not losing anything last week.
    And, Diane, I totally agree and am a bit ashamed that I've left it so long. At least I am doing it now and I'm glad you are too. :-)