Saturday, 12 May 2018


Good morning.  The lovely, sunny weather continued yesterday morning but by the afternoon it had clouded over and it really wasn't that warm.  I gather rain is forecast for today but I can't muster the energy to get out of bed and look.  It's too early!

After a lovely early morning swim yesterday, I set to and finished sorting out the leftovers from the family meal.  Nothing wasted, everything has been used or frozen although apart from the bolognaise and the chicken, there was precious little left anyway.  Beth took the birthday cake with her and the vegetarian option and I finished the salad for lunch.  I was pleased at how everything worked out.

Today is a quiet day.  I'm doing an early morning shop and at lunchtime Beth is coming over for a family meeting but apart from that it's all rest and relaxation, which is going to be nice.
Have a lovely Saturday, whatever you intend to do!


  1. Enjoy your quiet day. I was awake early and couldn't get back to sleep as it's so bright and sunny. X

  2. Hello, Joy, and sorry to learn your BP was up yesterday, but perhaps just going to have your BP taken is enough to send it up? I hope it will settle down again soon. And glad you enjoyed your swim. I haven't been in a pool for about 30 years! Not keen, can't swim very well, hate getting water in my ears, I'm really not happy in water other than the shower!
    Yes, have a quiet day today, rest and relaxation is what you need. You are still recovering from surgery.
    Margaret P

  3. Thanks, ladies.
    Jules, I got dressed, went down and promptly fell asleep in my armchair! It was just what I needed.
    Margaret, my GP didn't take my bp yesterday, but all the waiting around would have raised it, I am sure. I dearly love swimming; just gentle upping and downing, varying the pace. I ought to practise a few more strokes to vary thinks a bit.
    Thanks, Sharon, and you too. I hope it is going well for you.

    J x