Tuesday 5 December 2017


Good morning!  It hasn't half warmed up since yesterday morning - there's no nip in the air and no need to adjust the heating.  I'm celebrating with a pot of 'real' coffee instead of my usual instant which is making downstairs smell absolutely wonderful.

Yesterday evening was packed with telly again.  Monday's are great!  I missed the new Hairy Bikers programme but caught up later on iPlayer.  The Paul Hollywood programme was interesting, and Would I Lie To You was extremely funny.  I then watched the HBs and started watching Nigella before Insert Name Here was on after which I went off to bed.  The evening was a mixture of laughter and food which was most satisfying.

Earlier in the evening Beth dropped in on her way home from work and we had dinner together.  Quiche, chips (Slimming World style and very nice they were too) and a side salad filled the corners very nicely.  I haven't seen her for ages so it was lovely to catch up on all the news, hers and mine.

Today I have some food shopping to do and then I need to finish a bit of planning before getting stuck into housework - washing, mostly, and tidying the kitchen.  It only takes a short time for my kitchen to become very messy indeed so I need to keep on top of it.

Judging by the aroma, the coffee is ready so I will say goodbye and pour myself a cuppa.  Have a great day, everyone!


  1. I enjoyed Monday night's TV, too, Joy, but you and I were watching quite different programmes: I was watching Uni. Challenge, followed by Would I Lie to You (which I find great fun although I don't usually watch panel games as most are usually naff), and then the Real Marigold Hotel group - Rosemary Shrager, Wayne Sleep, Bobby George, and Miriam Margolyes - sampling retirement living in China. I really enjoyed all three programmes.
    On, chuck away your instant coffee this minute, Joy, real coffee is so much nicer. And it's almost as quick to make in a cefetierre. I can't remember when we last had instant. Yes, I can. I bought some for our guest bedroom and when our friends had left and hadn't used it (there's a kettle in there, all the things for making a cup of tea or coffee) we felt we must use it otherwise it would be wasted, but it was awful compared with our usual coffee (which isn't expensive as we buy it in Lidl's but it's certainly better than the expensive intant we had bought.)
    It's been fairly mild here in South Devon today, but I think the cold weather is heading this way.

  2. I like my instant, it's fine for everyday! :-)
    J x

  3. That's great, Joy, that you like your brand of instant. Well, you'd not drink it otherwise, ha ha!
    Margaret P