Monday 11 December 2017


Good morning, everyone.  Well, what a weather day yesterday turned out to be.  It started cold, then rained, then it turned to snow and it snowed harder than I can remember in a long time.

There was a lot more after I took this photo.

Of course, it played havoc with our plans.  I tried to get the car out of the cul de sac but because it is uphill, no chance.  Equally, my daughter liven on a narrow road, lots of on-street parking and on a hill so there was no chance she would try to get here either.  So no guests and quite a lot of food to deal with.  Thank goodness for freezers.

Something really nice - my son came round to check I was OK and did I need anything from Morrisons.  How kind is that?  As it happens, I had walked to Morrisons earlier because I was out of just a few essentials that I tend to buy in bulk and use up over months and it was delightful.  How often do we get the chance to walk through heavy snow round here?  My old boots are still good: warm and watertight.
So he came in, ate a plate of roast lamb and ploughed off through the snow again after a good chat.

For the rest of the day I stayed warm and got on with bits and bobs while watching telly stuff.

Today is the Junior carol service and they've changed the venue from the local church about fifteen minutes walk away to the school hall.  I'm glad as I can walk there easily and the roads may still be treacherous.  Apart from that, it's another day in and I'm hoping to get to the garage to bring in the Christmas boxes - decorations, tree, etc.  It can all go up to the spare room and I can get things out as I want.

I'll start the day with coffee, as usual.  A pot of real coffee today, I think, as a treat.
Take care, everyone, and stay nice and warm.


  1. The snow looks to pretty but is so treacherous. But how kind of your son to look in, ours do the same, bless them. How fortunate we both are to have such loving sons.
    Margaret P