Tuesday 12 December 2017


Good morning, everyone.
Yesterday was such a nasty day, weather wise.  It rained, then it sleeted, then it rained, then it snowed quite heavily but was too wet to settle although it did try for a while, then it sleeted again.  Non-stop for most of the day and it feels so much colder when it is damp, doesn't it?

Never mind - because it was so unpleasant outside, I set to with my resources and computer and planned all the tuition sessions for the whole week.  It's all done and dusted now apart from refreshing my mind before they arrive.  I'm well pleased with that.

I was feeling very energetic so I meandered into the kitchen and made a couple of loaves of bread and then a batch of Thermo fudge - and I was very good and only ate three bits in the whole day. I will be wrapping it all up this morning so it will be out of temptation's way

In the afternoon I went to the Juniors' carol service and that was really beautiful.  Well known carols, readings, each year group did a carol; or Christmas song and the Belle Plates club also performed. 
I got a bit choked up during Away in a Manger.
Must write a 'well done from the governors' for this week's newsletter.

Unfortunately, I discovered that my boots are no longer water tight.  That's a pain because they are wonderfully non-slip and are cosy and comfortable (until they leak).  It probably won't matter because I reckon we've had our snow now for the next five or six years but even so . . .

Today I'm out for lunch which is very nice.  I have my gifts ready and my cards written.

Have a good day and stay warm.

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