Wednesday 20 December 2017


Good morning, all.  They say it's going to be milder today which would be nice as we will be making journeys to the garage and back.  In fact, BBC weather tells me that it is around 7 or 8 decrees C at the moment which is a big rise from all those frosty mornings we have been having.  It's going to be cloudy but no rain.  I'll take that!

Yesterday was an excellent day.  First of all the meeting went well, then I got an important parcel posted off.  I sorted out the cupboard under the sink that was in a shocking state but don't think me overly virtuous - I had to as today a new dishwasher is being delivered and installed.  The old one has been malfunctioning for a while and I have saved up!

Doing that inspired me to take a look at the tins and jars cupboard where you risked being brained by falling cans every time you opened the door and now it has some order as well as a list of what needs to be used up.  I won't starve, that's for sure!

Just before two I zoomed off to school and spent a wonderful half an hour or so singing carols with the children in their Carols by Candlelight.  The hall had been darkened, it was warm and the candles shone brightly: as a result, when it was finished, a lot of children looked very sleepy eyed and lethargic as they went back to their classrooms, bless them.  I have to say, the staff weren't much better in some cases.

So I wasn't surprised when my student turned up very weary and needing to work things out on paper that they would normally have done in their head.  However, they persisted and we got some good work done.  That's it now until January 3rd as far as tuition is concerned.

Today is Putting Up The Christmas Tree day.  Al is helping and we should have a lovely time - I am cooking him a roast dinner as a thank you.  It is also, as mentioned above, new dishwasher day.  I don't know yet when it will be delivered but should be given some indication early this morning.

I'm also hoping to make two white loaves, a couple of fruity tea loaves and some vegetarian sausage rolls, all for the freezer.
The tea loaf recipe is completely fat free and moist enough to be happily eaten without butter while the vegetarian sausage rolls have been a family tradition for decades, ever since Delia first did her Christmas programmes.
It would be nice to get them all done and off the list but tomorrow will do if today doesn't.

So I'd better get started, hadn't I?  There's plenty of other things to do as well, starting with coffee and breakfast.
Have a great day.


  1. Have fun with the new dishwasher. If you are ever short of dirty dishes I always have plenty LOL

  2. LOL - just toss 'em over this way! After all, there's three of you and only one of me!
    J x