Friday 29 December 2017

Friday: The Fourth Day of Christmas

Good morni . . . I mean evening, everyone.  Apologies for such a late entry.  Life complications (a family illness) are going to make things a bit erratic for a while, I think.  However, as they say, better late than never.

There's not much I can share about yesterday or today (not my story to tell) so on to the Fourth Day
These twelve days are starting to sound a lot like a mix of treats and new year resolutions, which I don't really do but never mind.

L is for Low-fat Living.  I'm rather enjoying being challenged by the need to eat low fat and it's going OK (we will forget about this past Christmas week, OK?) but I have noticed two things.
One is that I feel a lot colder than I used to, it's not a problem I have particularly had before and it's not just that the weather has been cold.  So I shall be treating myself to some more of those nice, fluffy slipper socks when I find them in the shops.  There were loads in before Christmas but not so many now.   Another lovely gift was a white, fluffy throw and, with that and my owl fleece, I can wrap myself up warm and cosy.
The other is that my skin is a lot dryer than it used to be, especially my hands.  I was given some lovely hand cream for Christmas so I shall treat my hands to regular treatments.  Hopefully that will sort it out.  That means that I have to sit and relax for sessions each day because I have to rub the cream in and let it sort of absorb before I go round touching anything else.  Sounds like a good spoil to me.

So here we are so far.
T     Turkey
W:   Winter Ware
E:    Exercise and Energy
L:    Low-fat Living

Good, eh?


  1. Dry skin might be helped if you drink more water? Perhaps you already drink a sufficient amount, but in winter, with the central heating on, our skin does dry out a bit. I have been soothing my dry eyes with Optrex multi-action eye wash, and slathering on body lotion as well.
    Margaret P

  2. Are you still losing weight with your low fat eating?

  3. I do drink quite a lot of water, Margaret, it's great stuff, isn't it? Eileen, yes I am but, to be fair, there's an awful lot still to lose! :-)

    J x