Thursday 21 December 2017


Good morning, everyone.  A terribly early start, even for me, but I will get back to sleep in a while and finish off the night.  No idea of the weather but it doesn't feel particularly chilly, even without a dressing gown.

Yesterday was one of those days when you feel as if you've been on the go all day without getting all that much done, if you know what I mean..

In the morning I picked Alex up and he and I worked together to put up and decorate the Christmas tree as we chatted and Alex sang his version of the Twelve Days of Christmas.  It was funny but not rude - and it could have been, him now being a student and all.  It's twinkling behind my back as I type and the room is now very festive.  I dug out my Christmas tablecloths as well so the table matches the rest of the room.

When we'd finished that, I finished making the roast dinner and very nice it was too.  Then Alex went home and I tried to restore some order by doing the washing up and putting boxes, etc, out of sight.

The dishwasher arrived and now needs to earn its space:  I'd done the lunch washing up because I didn't want a messy kitchen so I haven't used it yet but I do like it.  Inside is organised rather differently to my old one and, I think, probably more sensibly.  It has the cutlery tray that I liked so much in the old one and not too many options.  The other feature that's new to me is that it had a delay timer so I can use it overnight to make better use of the cheaper tariff then.  It may be all bang up to date but it looks jolly simple to use.

After that I went to Morrisons for some bits and pieces.  I thought it might be packed in there but it was quite reasonable really.  They had sprouts at a good price so I got some and now my fingers are crossed that they will stay good.

I got the fruit loaf mixture started with a mix of sultanas, cranberries and candied peel soaking in cold, sweet, strong tea and, because it is Christmas, I also added some mixed spice, cinnamon and ground ginger.  I have to say, it does smell nice.  Later this morning I will add an egg and some SR flour and into the oven it goes.

I've already done a shop - to Sainsbury's to get some stuff, including some Campari because Morrisons doesn't stock it any more and it's my Christmas treat.  I LOVE Campari!
The rest of the day will be spent in crossing things off a list I have made.  Tea loaves, white loaves, slice and freeze, vegetarian sausage rolls, tidy living room, ironing, replace bulbs. ecards  . . .
If I get all that done, I will be a happy bunny!

Have a great day.


  1. I too loved Campari when I was able to drink sadly now I am reduced to squash. I hope you get your list complete it is always so satisfying when you cross off the last item and breath a huge sigh of relief.

  2. I think Campari is a bit like marmite. You either love it or you hate it! Really sorry you can't have it any more. I got everything on my list for today, I just have some dairy stuff to get and a few other bits and bobs from Morrison's early on Saturday morning. Not much at all and I should still have money in my purse!
    J x