Wednesday 13 December 2017


Good morning, everyone.   Brrrrrr - yesterday was so, so cold.  It hardly went above freezing all day and the pavements were not nice.  Fortunately, overnight things seem to have warmed up, it's been raining and  it's no longer icy.  Today looks like being wet but safe.

It was a splendid day yesterday.
Feeling in the Christmas mood, I went to the garage and brought in the boxes of Christmas stuff.  The candles, etc, are now all out but need rearranging a few times before I am happy.  I won't be doing the tree until next week - I need to put things away and move the furniture around a bit before I can do that.
I'm glad I got it done as it was cold but very dry and my boots don't slip.

Lunch was great.  Longer term readers might remember that a little group of us meet now and again for a good chat over a meal.  We used to go to the Hare but recently we've eaten at one of our homes and that's what yesterday was.  My word, it was a meal and a half!  A chicken casserole with veg, roasties, jacket pots and dumplings followed by a huge variety of desserts.  My low fat needs had been catered for and I came home very satisfied and full for the rest of the day.  Many thanks to the lovely Julia for all her hard work and hospitality.

When I came home it was tuition and then an evening getting warm again!

Today is less busy in terms of diary stuff but there's still plenty to do and I'm feeling energetic so that's great.
So I will start with a coffee and sorting out the kitchen.
Have a great day.


  1. The food sounded ideal for this kind of weather - we've not had snow here in S. Devon but today we have rain, and it's very cold.
    Margaret P

  2. I'm a new reader here and must tell you how much I enjoy reading your blog. Just thought I'd stop by and let you know!

  3. It was a lovely lunch and we all enjoyed it very much.

    Welcome to my new reader, Everydaythings (love the name), and thank you for commenting so positively. :-)
    J x