Sunday 10 December 2017


Morning, everyone.  Very, very early good morning morning.  It's just past three and I can't sleep.  It's been a long time since I had such a wakeful night (apart from when I wasn't well) and I'm not sure what's caused it but never mind, I am sure I will feel sleepy again in a while.  It used to be a very regular occurrence when I was teaching, when there was so much worry on my mind from time to time, but, thankfully, it doesn't happen much now. 

It's extremely cold and there's a very heavy frost out there but no snow yet.  It's sort of predicted but we seem to be close to the edge of the snow belt so might get rain instead.  We will see.  I'm not sure whether I want one or t'other more (or less): snow is beautiful from the inside and the children love it but rain disappears more quickly!

Yesterday my home smelled so fragrant.  First of all it was bread; two small 1lb loaves that are now sliced, wrapped and in the freezer.  Then I discovered two forgotten bananas that really couldn't be eaten raw but which were still white/cream inside, not brown so I dug out my banana loaf recipe and made a couple of banana loaves which are also now sliced and in the freezer.  Gorgeous.

After feeling so good about sorting out the chest freezer, I bit the bullet and braved the cold to look through the front opening freezer which is also in the shed.  Yes, it does need a defrost but not urgently so it can wait, it was all reasonably tidy and organised anyway and now I have a complete list of what's in there too; not a huge amount, thankfully, so there's room for any Christmas stuff if needed.

Today I was planning to go into town with Beth to get this, that and the other but we might defer that until between Christmas and New Year if the weather is bad.  Beth and Jane are supposed to be coming over for a roast dinner but we have to see about that too.  I have defrosted the meat so will have to deal with that anyway, whether or not they come. 

Well, I'm not feeling sleepy enough yet but I can feel it approaching so I will stop now and perhaps go back to bed, turn on the electric blanket (which is a real blessing at the moment) and read myself back to sleep.
Have a good day wherever you are and whatever the weather does.

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