Thursday 7 December 2017


Good morning, everyone.  It's got colder, just as they said it would, so I shall be sorting out the freezer this morning unless the weather makes it impossible (the freezer is in the shed).

There was quite a lot on yesterday.

First of all I went to the surgery to get the monitor strapped on and then had to go about all day bleeping at people every half an hour or so and stopping what I was doing to relax.  It was OK, I suppose, but I was glad when ten o'clock came round and I could take it off.  I have an early morning appointment today where the nurse will connect it up, get all the readings and then, I guess, the fun will start!  We will see.

I then drove straight back to school where I was in time to watch the first of the Infant Christmas Performances.  It was brilliant and I had a great time.
I stood at the back of the hall so I could slip out if the bleeping because intrusive, but it didn't, so that was OK.

After that I went home and set to making some biscuits for the governors' meeting in the evening.  I used my snowflake cutters and anyone remembering last year will know that maybe it wasn't sensible to use them while blood pressure was being monitored as they are the most frustrating things.  I got there, eventually!

After planning, I did my two hours of tuition before setting straight off to the meeting which went as well as these meeting usually go.  Reports were heard, decisions made and the biscuits went down a treat.

Today, after the surgery visit, I want to set to and tackle the freezer, sorting it all out, auditing what is in there, defrosting it and reorganising it (if possible).  Wish me luck.

Then I will make some soup to thaw me out before planning and the last tuition sessions of the week.

A busy day!


  1. My goodness, what a busy day. I felt tired just reading it. I hope the BP is/was OK?
    Margaret P

  2. Thanks but no, not really. I did expect that and I'm sure they will sort it out though. :-)
    J x