Saturday 9 December 2017


Good morning, everyone.   Brrrrrr - it is so cold this morning.  I opened a window to look out and it fair took the skin off my nose.  I'm thankful that I have no extra responsibilities today and can stay nice and warm inside.

The freezer is all shiny and frost free inside now, thank goodness, unlike outdoors.  I wasn't in the least worried about the food thawing - the frost that I scraped off the bottom was still lying long after I'd finished and the food was back in!  It's all better organised now (for a while, anyway) and I have a list of what's inside and roughly where it is too.  I did have to throw a few things out but not nearly as much as I had thought I might have to so that was good and I found stuff I forgot I had.  It's shameful how much is in there and I certainly won't need to trouble Morrisons much over the next few months (apart from Christmas).

It was terribly cold out there with a biting wind.  It took ages before I was warm again in spite of hot coffee and hot soup and I dug out the old fan heater to help the process.  I dared the cold later to check because the last time I defrosted a freezer at this time of year, it failed to start again and I had a mad panic.  That's when I discovered Appliances Online!  Next day delivery! 
This time, no problem!

It feels good to have got it done as it was long overdue.

Before that, in the morning, I had a friend round for coffee, biscuits and a good chat.  I haven't seen her for a while so we had plenty to catch up on and the time just flew.  We're hoping to do the same in January again.

As I said above, today is an inside day apart from braving the cold to get to the freezer for supplies.  Bed changing, washing, drying, ironing and sorting the mini-mess in the kitchen and then I can snuggle down with my knitting and my Kindle.  I treated myself to all the Miss Read 'Thrush Green' books I didn't already have on Kindle and am having a lovely time working my way through them.
Next month I might do the same with the remaining Fairacre books too.

I've just thought of one more thing - I think I will get out my Christmas candles and put them out on display.  It would be nice to have some brightness for the last week of tuition sessions before the end of term, wouldn't it?

I'll stop now and get this sent but today I won't be rushing to get going.  I'll start some bread off and then chill over the PC for a while before getting washed and dressed.  Very nice too.

Stay warm, everyone.

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