Friday 1 December 2017


Good morning, everyone.  What a cold start to the new month (a pinch and a punch for tradition's sake!).  We've had snow/sleet but it hasn't lasted and there's a wind out that that cuts like a knife.  Not nice at all.

Yesterday, once I was dressed, I pootled down to Springfield Hospital to drop off that registration form before driving on to the Peugeot garage.

 A few days ago I booked my car in for a service using the online form.  I wanted a pick up and drop back but there wasn't anywhere on the form to request that so I fired off an email, again using their site, to request this and asking them to reply by email, not phone.  So what did they do?  They phoned and left a message asking me to phone back.  Grrrr.  So I popped round to them to sort it out and now the info about not phoning is on their records.  I wonder if that will make any difference.  Time will tell.

Then, when I got out, I'd been blocked in.  Ho hum.  It wasn't for long though and, to be fair, they are short on parking space, being a very popular and busy garage.

After that it was home, James, to have a late breakfast and to get going with the planning before tidying up and getting things ready for my visitors after tuition, not to mention the cleaners tomorrow.  Killing two birds with one stone really and today it's all ready and tidy, amazingly.

Then, after tuition, my friend, Jackie, turned up and off we went to the Cramphorn to watch a filmed showing of Oscar Wilde's 'A Woman of No Importance'.  I read up about it beforehand of course, as you do, and, apparently, it is not considered his best work by a long shot.  We both enjoyed it very much though and time flew past.  When it had finished, we were surprised at how late it was.  I think that's evidence of an enjoyable experience, whatever the critics say!

Today I am not going out unless I absolutely have to.  It's far too cold, damp and miserable so it's ho for the great indoors for me.  I have ironing and there's some good programmes on the Good Food channel that I can watch as I catch up with the ironing so I will be happy enough.

Hoping you have a good day too, whatever the weather and whatever your commitments are.  Please, stay warm.


  1. Hello, I am fairly new to your blog, but I expect I will catch up in due course. I don't know where you live, but it sounds like it's been cold, as it has here in South Devon. I presume the Camphorn is a cinema or perhaps a theatre, as some theatres show films (we have a theatre for films in a lovely medieval barn in Dartington, near Totnes.) Re your previous blog posts, I have no idea about prime or composite numbers. You'd not think I'd been to a grammar school, would you, but maths teaching wasn't very good (well, not in my case!) The stop stream (for we were streamed in those days) had the best teachers and the middle and lower stream had the next best and then ... well, the one who taught me. But I've managed OK throughout my life, I can work out our incomings and outgoings, that's the most important thing to do with numbers to me! But to some, they find numbers fascinating. I don't as they don't relate to people and on their own they don't mean anything, they have to relate to something. Well, you might tell me differently, ha ha! But enjoying your retired-teacher posts!
    Margaret P

  2. Hello, Margaret, welcome to my blog!
    The Cramphorn is a very small theatre/cinema that is right next to our main theatre, the Civic Theatre. It's a very good resource and it was nice to see a reasonable audience on Thursday night.

    I did know about prime numbers but I think the term 'composite' must be relatively modern.
    I totally agree that for most of us, applying number is the crucial thing. My grandson is studying maths at university and just loves it. All I can say is he doesn't get it from me! :-)
    J x