Saturday 2 December 2017


Good morning, everyone.  Wasn't it cold yesterday?  The wind cut like a knife and in-between sunny periods it was cloudy and occasionally threatened to drop something from the heavens but it didn't ever quite get round to it.

It was a very ordinary day so there's nothing much to write about and I think today will be more or less the same.  I think the high point of the day will be helping a friend to defrost their freezer.
I'm OK with that; just pottering is fine by me.

Welcome to Margaret and thanks for the lovely comment.

Have a good day, everyone, and continue to stay warm.


  1. Hello, Joy,
    Well, it's not as cold in our neck of the woods today as it was yesterday, although the temp has dropped this evening, which is inevitable. We went out today to get some shopping; I was looking for items for the Shoebox Appeal for the Homeless (in our area) and now have a full shoebox to take to the drop off point (the local library) next week. I was surprised at how much I could get into a shoebox, from hand warmers and plasters, to gloves, socks and a woolly hat.
    Helping a friend to defrost a freezer! My goodness, we live in exciting times, do we not, ha ha! Now to think about supper - chilli from our freezer(if that doesn't sound silly: chilly-from-the-freezer!)
    Keep warm.
    Margaret P

  2. It's warmed up here too, thankfully, but it was still cold enough not to need to cover the frozen food while the freezer was defrosting. I do live it up, don't I?!
    I love the sound of the shoebox appeal.
    J x

  3. The Shoebox Appeal was mentioned to me by our daughter in law. It's for the Homeless in Torbay but it may be going on in other areas, I have no idea. But I've now filled my box and will take it to the Library (the drop off point for these gifts) this week. As I say, if we have homes and clothes and food and either salaries or pensions, we can afford just a little for those without, can't we? It doesn't have to cost much, we don't have to fill the shoebox with everything they suggest although I've got almost all the things, and also some little treats, such as sweets and chocolate, not just woolly hats and mouthwash.
    Margaret P