Sunday 31 December 2017

Sunday: The Sixth Day of Christmas

Good morning.  What a change in the weather yesterday.  The temperature was into double figures and a good ten degrees up from Thursday.  Very changeable and also very windy.  I've just peeked out and it's still very mild but doesn't seem too windy.

(Edited around three hours later - just peeked out and it is both windy and chucking it down like old boots.  Disgusting weather!)

Yesterday was a lazy day.  I did some washing and drying and a bit of cooking but apart from that I lazed and snoozed and generally wasted my time.  The evening was enlivened by 'A Christmas Carol goes wrong', something I was looking forward to after last years 'Peter Pan goes wrong'.  Lots of chuckles and some hearty laughs too - most enjoyable.

Today's letter is T.  I've already had one T so I really had to think before it came to me.  OK, I have had to spend but it works with what I said about staying warm a few days ago.

So T is for Thermal Slipper Socks.  Not terribly romantic or blingy but I'd rather be warm than elegant, to be honest.  The design is snowflakes so there's the festive link.  Thank you, Amazon.  It's the only thing I have bought for this Twelve Days theme so far but if we continue to have weather like the last three or four weeks, they will be very handy - or do I mean footsy?

So here we go; this is what I've done so far.
T:   Turkey - dealing with the Christmas bird
W:  Winter Ware - using my Christmas plates
E:   Exercise and Energy - start to get moving over the new year
L:   Low-fat Living - the side effects of a very low fat diet
F:   Festive Fish - kedgeree or the like
T:   Thermal slipper socks - warm toes = happy me


  1. There is nothing like warm toes. Unless it is toasting them in front of an open log fire but who needs the work that involves?

  2. I'd love an open fire if I had servants! ;-)
    J x

  3. Far better to be warm than elegant. I don't think I've ever been elegant. Happy New Year. X

  4. Here’s mine
    Turkey and chips - THE Boxing Day tradition at our house.
    Washing - about 100 towels and the bedding after Miss 23 went back to the NE
    Empty nest - how I always feel when she goes back
    Looking for a new sewing room chair was on the agenda today
    Fun evening - me and the HG sang along to Grease and thoroughly enjoyed ourselves!
    Lying in bed feeling sorry for myself due to throwing up all night.
    Tags for next year - the Christmas cards are down and have been recycled for next year.
    Happy New Year for tomorrow!! X

  5. Elegant is beyond me. I make sure I am neat and clean and that's all! :-)
    Love them, Rachel, what a mixture! A very Happy New Year to you too!

    J x