Friday 8 December 2017


Good morning, everyone.  Welcome to Friday.  The temperature has dropped considerably overnight and is due to drop more through the day but sun is forecast so that will be nice after some dull days.

I didn't get the freezer defrosted yesterday as the weather was not great.  As the freezer is in the shed and the food has to be stacked outside, I wasn't going to get it all soaked, that would have been silly.

I took the blood pressure equipment back, as instructed, and the nurse connected it all up and, as suspected, it was a bit too high.  Nothing like as bad as it was when I went into hospital, but a little more than it should be.
I now have to see a doctor again to review my meds and that will not happen until after Christmas.  That's OK, there's quite a lot going on before Christmas anyway and I could do without any further complications  They offered me a telephone consultation but no, thanks, not with my hearing!.

Once I was home, I set to making some more shortbread biscuits as I have a friend coming for coffee and a chat this morning.  I used 'Christmas' cutters and added some cinnamon and some allspice so they look a bit murky but taste fab.  I meant to add some lemon and orange zest but I forgot.

It is such an easy recipe, I think I will make some for Christmas too and remember the zest!

In the afternoon I sat down to knit and fell asleep, something I haven't really done for ages now and the first time I have snoozed in my new chair.  I hadn't slept very well on Wednesday night so it was inevitable, I suppose.  Last night's sleep was much, much better, thankfully.

So, today, as already mentioned, a friend is here for coffee and a good old chat.  Then I will defrost that freezer (maybe) before coming back in to hot coffee and soup to defrost me!

I'd better get going.  The cleaners are also expected today and there's a bit of mess to clear up.  Nothing too bad, thankfully, but I like to give them a clear run.  But first, coffee!


  1. Enjoy the day with your friend. The biscuits sound deliciously festive.
    I'm hoping my boiler repair man comes today - it's a bit chilly. X

  2. Fingers crossed for you - it's too chilly to have boiler problems. :-(
    J x

  3. The coffee before getting started sounds like a great idea and so pleased to hear that you slept better.
    Hope you will be able to get to your freezer today and get it all sorted.
    Glad that it was nothing too drastic re your blood pressure and that you will get your meds reviewed after Christmas.
    The shortbread biscuits sound absolutely wonderful!
    Have a lovely day - it is very, very cold here today, quite a wind!
    Love, S. xxxx

  4. I've come in to thaw out - it is so cold outside. The freezer is defrosting well and I now need to record what I've got - which is more than I thought!
    J x